Thursday, 20 October 2011

Hair today wish it was gone tomorrow (2)

Following on from the last blog i thought it might be helpful for the many trannies out there who cannot find a good excuse to get away with ridding themselves of all that unwanted body hair to provide some alternative options.

It's a position i'm in because of my vanilla (normal world) domestic arrangements, although i hope to change that at some point.

However, while it is frustrating to not be in an easy position to get rid of hair, an awful lot of fun can be had in finding sexy ways to cover it. The purist trannies out there might sneer and suggest that a gurl should just wax, but i've had my successes without going to such extreme lengths.

i managed to win a Miss Trannyshack competition (the club hosted on Wednesday nights by Miss DustyO at the fabulous Madame JoJo's in Brewer Street, Soho) with concealed hair, although it was a drunken night. Here's me (in the red corset and dress) on the fateful night on stage with my tranny sis @MsEmilyAnarchy (stage right), who frankly was robbed and should have won. Apologies for the pic quality was taken from a blackberry.

i also have managed to attract quite a lot of interest in clubs from gentlemen and a little business. So concealment can still be sexy and it can work.

OK, as i said in the last blog, i did come a little unstuck at the English Mansion Ball, but that was a very close inspecition delivered to all slaves with the intention of finding reasons to punish them.
Anyway here are some clothing tips to conceal that unwanted hair.

1. A high necked dress
*Just because it doesn't show cleavage doesn't mean a dress can't be sexy
*The sexy pink one below is one i bought and love wearing out

2. A net top (try the cob web ones)
*A good way of concealing the top of the body if you are in a corset or low cut top
*i won Pretty Miss Tranny Shack wearing one of these.
*Also hany for hiding arm pit hair with sleeveless tops

3. Long gloves
*Velvet, pvc, rubber, leather, lace (i have them all) whatever your kick, these always look good.
*Also hide bad nails and big hands.

4. Fishnet stockings or tights
*Given that they have holes these are surprisingly effective at hiding leg hair.

5. Leg length boots
*Can't beat sexy, high heeled boots and long ones which hug the leg look great as well as hiding what's underneath.

6. Long elegant dresses
*Doesn't have to be short and showing leg to look sexy.
*There are lots of lovely longdresses, ball gowns and the like out there which both look good and cover up hair very effectively.
*One acquaintance who has quite dark hair has a real kink for wedding dresses. Looks amazing in them.

7. Realistic fake boobs
*Here is the first product placement, although it is only because i like the product but it is worth looking at
*Basically they do very realistic fake boobs with a full chest section which can be strapped on and make it look as though your top is hair free.
*Also gives you great tits! My tranny sis @MsEmilyAnarchy has a pair and i intend to get a pair too.
*They start at £275.
*Only drawback is that you sweat a lot under the silicone, which means that if you have nipple clamps underneath they slip off.

8. A veil
*Only if you insist on keeping a beard, not a good idea!
*When i was in my transitional stage and still had a beard Mistress gave me a veil and threatened to put me in a Bhurka. The beard didn't last long.

9. High collars, ruffles, scarves, big necklaces
*Just been reminded of this by @PrincessTST .
*Good way of hiding hair on the neck and top of the chest
*Also distracts from any hair or blemishes etc, which is part of the trick

10. Subtle trim shaving
*While you may not be able to do the whole body or anything much taking a few centremetres off from your chest, arm or hands etc may not be very noticable but can make dressing so much easier.
*i've started doing this 

11. Make-up
*Foundation is the best way of hiding stubble, especially if it grows back quickly

So there are plenty of things which can be done to look good without going to get waxed. Remember that you may need to live comfortably in two lives so some careful clothes selections may be the answer to your needs.

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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Hair today wish it was gone tomorrow

i have been asked to write a piece on the vexed issue of body hair by @sissy_rebecca and in particular reasons to give to people in her vanilla life for the sudden disappearance of it.
This is a major problem for many trannies out there, especially those of us leading double lives. After all you don't feel properly feminised with a carpet of male body hair covering much of your body. i got into trouble at the English Mansion Ball for having body hair after a close inspection even though it was very well concealed.
On the other hand though, this is not a modification that can be hidden in your vanilla (ordinary) life. Clothes can be changed, make-up washed off, but hair takes quite a while to grow back. Beyond breast implants and medical procedures this is the biggest change you can do to yourself.
Unfortunately this is a question i am still trying to properly answer for myself. To my slight embarrassment it took me more than a month to work up the courage to get rid of my beard after i first got put into dresses. Sounds silly but it was a major change of image, not popular among those close to me in my vanilla (ordinary) life and my family still complain about me shaving the damn thing off!
But body hair is a much tougher proposition, partly because shaving it is not actually the best way forward. If you're going to do it, get a full body wax or even lasered if you're very brave (more on the best ways of ridding yourself of hair in future blogs). The main probelm though is that it is a dramatic physical change and one which may not be understood or fully accepted by those in your vanilla life.
Some trannies are lucky because they have more easy going partners, while other partners can be utterly intolerant of it and, at the extreme end, take the view that it is unnatural for a man to want to remove his body hair.
For this reason many part time, double life trannies, including me at the moment, simply don't bite that particular bullet and look for ways to get round the hair problem. But that is a subject for another blog to be published very soon.
Here are 10 possible excuses but feel free to leave your own suggestions in the comment box.
1. The old classic - "I was out with the lads and look what they did?"
*Hopeless excuse, easily unraveled unless you want your drunken mates to actually shave you which could be a tad risky.
*Also shows a serious lack of imagination
2. "I'm doing it for charity"
*If you're going to use this excuse thwen actually do it for charity, beats sitting in a bath of custard
*The problem is doing it again when the stuff grows back
3. "I fancy a change of image, I'm fed up of looking like a gorilla"
*Quite a dramatic change of image.
*This works well with reasonalby tolerant partners.
*Just make sure they don't clock on to what image you want to change to.
4. "It's my body I can do what I like with it!"
*A bit confrontational but worth a go if all else fails.
*Still doesn't really explain why you've had expensive and painful treatment
5. "Body hair makes me feel dirty and disgusting"
*Good for a long game on the issue with intolerant partners.
This is one i'm currently trying.
6. "Did you know that removing body hair is better for your skin?"
*Be prepared to have to justify that claim, not obviously easy to prove largely because it's less convincing than a politician's promise.
7. "I thought you (partner) might prefer the feel of smooth skin in bed."
*Not a bad one unless your partner thinks men should be hairy
8. "I've taken up swimming seriously and it improves my performance"
*Has the advantage of leaving you in fitter shape for some more interesting tranny activities.
*Is though perhaps on the extreme end and only suits athletic types.
9. "Having a lot of hair makes me feel too hot"
*It is true that body hair warms up the body significantly, which is one reason my partner is so opposed to me losing it.
*Obviously don't try this excuse in the winter.
*You could just about get away with it in the summer.
10. "I'm trying to get in touch with my feminine side"
*Only works with tolerant partners.
*Is as close to an admission that youn are a tranny without saying so.
*But is a good way of preparing the ground if you want to come out as a tranny and normalise it as part of your life.
If you want any help or advice in your tranny or sub lives e-mail me on or tweet me on @DaniTallulah

Monday, 17 October 2011

A survival guide for double lives (2) - 3 Top Tips

The last blog generated quite a lot of interest and thanks for people who have sent me comments.

This is a subject which is almost worthy of a book, but i thought it woulod help if i gave you all a list of basic things to do which make the whole double life thing much easier.

Remember that what you need to hide is your communications and your financial transactions, so here is what you need to put in place.

1. Get an extra phone for your second life
*Make it a pay as you go so no bills with numbers arrive at home.
*Don't try to hide the phone's existence, just say it comes from work or is a spare back up. If a phone you've hidden is discovered it can be much harder to explain.
*One way i get round it is through a pay as you go Blackberry which is cheap to run and i say i need to store information and use for internet.

2. Set up an anonymous e-mail address
*Easy to use hotmail, yahoo or something similar.
*Make sure you delete evidence of it on home computers after use.

3. Set up a paperless credit card or bank account or one with a different address
*It means you can safely do your transactions for Dommes, clothes, whatever and not get easily discovered.
*This is particularly useful if you have a nosy partner.
*This is easier with credit cards once you are properly registered.
*Barclaycard does a paperless account which means the statements are only online. Great way of getting round the issue.

As i said in the alst blog the whole thing sounds daunting and complicated, but if you have these three things in place for your second life then, as long as you are careful, you should be safe.

After a request from @Sissy_Rebecca (Dawn's Toy), the next blog will be a particularly tranny orientated one on what to do about body hair. This can be simple or it can be quite a vexed issue.

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Sunday, 16 October 2011

A survival guide for double lives

The most earth shatteringly, stunning moment of horror in my brief life as a tranny/sub was at a photoshoot organised by Scarlett Thorne when i realised that one of my tranny sisters @MsEmilyAnarchy, as she is known on Twitter, and i were classmates some 18 years before. i hadn't realised previously (it's amazing what make-up fake boobs and a sexy dress can do) but it was the first moment that my vanilla (by which i mean ordinary) identity had been recognised.
i should say that Emily is the sweetest and most trustworthy person i could ever hope to meet along with others in Scarlett Thorne's circle, not least Mistress herself, so the shock of the realisation was only shortlived and in fact ended up being quite liberating. After all, the two of us, unbeknown to one another at the time, had grown up with the same fantasies of feminisation and serving a Domme.
But for the many of us trannies and subs who live double lives the threat of exposure is a constant danger and fear. Which is no doubt why i've already had several requests to do a TrannyAgony blog on this most difficult of subjects.
This is something i am probably as expert in as anybody although i'm not that important discovery would be a nightmare. Like many i've managed to get away with it (so far) through vigilance, but some don't.
Anyway here are 10 important principles to follow to escape detection along with detailed tips of things you should do.
1. Never be complacent
*Remember small apparently insignificant mistakes are inevitably the ones which expose the bigger lie.
*The moment you stop double and triple checking is the moment your fate is sealed.
2. Keep your tranny and bdsm life in different geographical places to your vanilla work and home life.

*Admitedly, this is easiest in London or big cities or if you travel for work.
*This also means to never go to places as a tranny or a sub where there is a chance that a colleague or family member will wander in.
3. Always give the impression of normality.
*This means have a good and consistent cover story to use and make sure that it does not unravel with a single phone call. ie Don't say "I'm in the office" and then not be in the office when your wife or partner calls. Generally it helps if you are on the move for work.
*It helps if your explanation for being away is part of your life's narrative such as work.

*Never over elaborate with your cover story.
*Also make sure when you work late nights or nights away into what would seem to be a normal part of your work life. ie away on business, at a conference etc.

*I will in a future blog give a list of ideas for cover stories. They do not have to be work related.
4. Get rid of any evidence of your second life.

*Make sure that you wipe all texts, e-mails, web history etc immediately after use. Just work on the spy thriller principle that this message will self destruct after you have read it (only you do the destroying) otherwise it will destroy you.

*Don't keep anything stored for sentimental reasons (a common mistake) or laziness. If it is sitting on your computer or even hidden at home it is waiting to be discovered.

5. Do not come home looking strange or different.
*This means making triple sure all make-up has been removed if you are a tranny and, in my case, don't have any marks you might have to explain in bed. i always get changed quickly into my PJs at home if i come late to make sure my bra strap marks aren't seen.
*One very useful tip is to have mini rituals you go through when change in and out of your tranny or sub gear and vanilla clothes. i always put items in the same pocket and then put them back in a particular order, almost by numbers. That way you don't forget details about your clothing and appearance.
*After one bdsm party i ended up with a badly bruised backside, which thankfully i was able to hide for a few days but had to come up with the excuse that i'd fallen on the stairs.
*The one limit i have with Mistress Scarlett Thorne (and it is a frustrating but necessary one) is no marks, which She completely respects while still abusing me wonderfully.

*But if you cannot go home with marks make this very clear to a Domme, She will respect it if She's any good.
 6. Do not take unnecessary risks

*This personally is my achilles heal
*There is no point gambling your life a way for one night of fun, because it might be your last time out as a tranny or a sub for quite a while.
*Remember that if you take this stuff seriously you will have plenty of time to do things and try things out. There is no rush or pressure to do things if there is a good chance of you getting caught.
*Only do things where you have properly prepared and covered yourself.

7. Do not give out unnecessary information about your vanilla life.
*Remember your identity as a tranny or a sub is totally different and your circle of friends are different in the two lives. When i'm in a dungeon or trannied up i think of myself as DaniTallulah and the only personal information i give relates to her.
*This warning is particularly true on social media (Twitter, Facebook etc). It is very easy to find out who you are from just a snippet of information.

*Don't forget absent mindedly which identity you are in - it has happened to people.

8. Value your vanilla (ordinary) life - family or/ and work
*This could easily be described as keep a sense of perspective because it is all too easy to get obsessed with you kinky life especially if you serve a charismatic Mistress. 
*If you value your vanilla life properly and try to get almost as much out of it then you will be in a better frame of mind to protect it.

9. Don't panic if something goes wrong
*Something may dramatic happen like you end up in hospital after breaking leg in high heels or some adventurous bdsm game.
*Somebody may adk you if you are such and such randomly because they half recognise you.
*Or some small bit of evidence may slip through.
*In these circumstances take a deep breath, keep a clear head and keep you answers  and denials concise, don't over elaborate.
*Never a bad idea if challenged to have a little tale about how you did something similar as a jape when you were at school or university.
*In hospital get the problem sorted asap, get out and call home later with an explanation.

10. Be very, very careful who you trust
*This is as important as anything
*First principle as a sub, particularly if you are somebody who might interest from the press, is to find a Mistress who you can fully trust.
*In a previous blog i mentioned how you must never undermine a Mistress's trust in you but that goes both ways. The one and only thing that you can fairly demand for your service and tribute is for the Domme to respect your confidentiality.
*Having said that despite the odd revelation in the press, the vast majority of Dommes are 100 per cent trustworthy and very protective of their slaves. i can certainly say this of Scarlett Thorne, who is incredibly caring and protective of Her slaves and takes enormous care on who She brings into Her close circle and who She introduces people to.
*But this general principle does not just apply to Dommes, you should also take care who you mix with and closely guard your identity until you get to know individuals very well.

*In this respect i've been lucky again by finding some good and trustworthy friends such as @PrincessTST, @MsEmilyAnarchy, @Maid_Felicity or @FSlutMST who are as good a friends as i have ever made.

All this sounds horendously complicated and frightening. But remember if you keep it simple and are constantly vigilant then you should be safe.

For advice e-mail me at or tweet me at @DaniTallulah

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Surviving Chastity

i've had a question from one of my fellow members of Scarlett Thorne's TrannyArmyofDoom about chastity. @FSlutMST (as you may know him on twitter) asks: "Why does Mistress impose chastity and what's the best way to deal with the frustration?"

FS has only just been put properly into chastity, so he is experiencing the early shock of what that actually means and the side effects which hit you remarkably quickly. These can be flashing pains, dizziness, an inability to concentrate or think straight and powerful urges in the groin.

But for me chastity is perhaps the greatest enigma of the whole Mistress/ slave relationship. It is at once the most frustrating and painful act of control for which a slave is desperate for a release, yet at the same time it is perhaps the most perfect symbol of a Mistress's control and ownership.

I was first put into chastity as a punishment (for injudicious tweeting), then kept in it as part of my service and spent a lot of time trying to think of ways to persuade Scarlett Thorne to allow me to have a release. Yet when i was given a chastity holiday over the summer i actually begged Mistress to put me back into it because i so badly missed the constant reminder of Her power over me which it provides.

So I'll split the questions into two.

1. Why does Mistress impose chastity?

The answer to the first part of FS's question is simple. While there is a large element of suffering and punishment that chastity inflicts on a slave, these are merely bonuses to the the primary reason a Mistress imposing it which is for control. There are few greater ways for a Domme to demonstrate Her power over somebody than being able to say if and when a slave can have any meaningful sexual satisfaction.

Scarlett Thorne often refers to chastity as "control" which pretty much sums it up. In this sense i don't think there is much difference between serving a Mistress than taking  the old monastical religious vows. The church too was trying to impose control and focus the individual's relationship and desires on being part of it. A Mistress is looking for devotion from Her slave in a very similar way and let's face it whilst it's more deviant what a sub is practising is essentially worship.

Mistress Thorne also once said to me that chastity focussed my mind in the way She wanted it to be focussed. This is true, in the sense that, in my case at least, when i'm sexually frustrated i'm permanantly sexually charged and it is hard not to think about performing tranny sexual acts and of serving Mistress herself.

2. How do you deal with the frustration?

Dealing with the frustration is a much more difficult question to answer and actually if i had a proper solution it would negate the reason for being put into chastity in the first place. But for the benefit of FS and other here are various things i've tried or been told.

a. cold showers or swimming pools.
That's how i get through my first week of chastity in Morrocco. There's nothing like a hot climate to make chastity really uncomfortable and i spent much of that holiday punching the wall and biting my nails in sheer frustration. i was saved by the hotel swimming pool and 2am showers. Unfortunately this is not an option in normal daily working life.

b. alcohol
There is nothing liking getting drunk to numb the pain and discomfort. This is a particularly good option if you like a drink. The main drawback is the liver failure that will inevitably follow the amount of alcohol needed to keep the chastity pains away. However, another unforeseen problem is that for some bizarre medical reason chastity pains are ten times worse when you have a hangover. Somebody really should do medical research into why this happens, it seems to be desperately unfair of nature.

c. devices
The people who take chastity seriously such as my Twitter friend @TonyEssentia are properly caged. For reasons of living a double life this option is impossible for me but from what i understand it helps a lot in the sense that any choice in the matter is taken away from the individual concerned. i always suspect this approach has a slightly more macho endurance test about it than actually demonstrating a Domme's control.

d. cheat
For those of us who have to be in chastity on a trust basis because we can't go around in cages the temptation to just have a sneaky release can be enormous. My view on this is that as a slave you are just cheating yourself out of the benefits of being under control and probably aren't taking the whole thing seriously enough. There is also the not insignificant point that most experienced Mistresses will know if you've cheated.

e. distraction
The simplest method is to just try and concentrate on asomething else and not think about chastity or anything that might make you aroused. Focus on work or whatever. Obviously this is far easier said than done.

f. plead, beg, do whatever it takes to get permission for a release from Mistress
While this entirely depends on the whims of somebody who by nature is entirely unpredictable, it is perhaps your best hope for relief. It is the point of the whole exercise anyway in allowing a Mistress to demonstrate Her power and ownership. So basically if you find ways to please Her or new ways to make Her inclined to allow you a release you might be able to get one within a reasonalbe period of time.
In my case Scarlett Thorne likes creative release pictures, so i've tried to be imaginative and this apparently has made Her more inclined to being merciful.
Another way is to serve Mistress in a session, but this too is not a guaranteed way of getting a release even if you perform well.

Remember, if you want advice e-mail me at or tweet me on @DaniTallulah

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

How do you get back in service with a Mistress after you've made Her really angry

I received my first e-mail asking for advice today from a slave who wanted help for what seems to sadly be an all too common problem - exile by a Mistress after he managed to seriously annoy Her.

This also happened to another sub friend recently who failed to show for a long session, messing up the Mistress' diary, leaving Her seriously out of pocket and mucking up chances for other subs to serve Her.

That slave got blocked, a punishment which may have been temporary had he not gone an d tweeted his angst about it on Twitter. It is difficult to come back from that and he now has the added danger of being more widely blacklisted. Mistresses may be rivals, but they are also friends and can see when a slave is showing disrespect.

The main offence of the slave who e-mailed me appears to have been a case of nerves over signing a full ownership contract, one he's greatly regretting and actually is hard to understand.

But i digress. What amounts to exile (no phone, e-mail, twitter, session or other contact) is a very difficult and distressing problem for anybody who is a sub and devoted to a particular Mistress. It is the ultimate punishment, short of blacklisting generally, for a sub to endure.

Now i have some personal experience of this, although i was lucky that i was not exiled. i made a mistake which potentially undermined Scarlett Thorne's trust in me on one occasion, at least, by not picking Her up from an airport to go to a major BDSM event.

Basically i put my own needs first and then made matters worse by being petulant about it on Twitter (damn social networking). i was extremely lucky and Mistress Thorne, in my case, was very forgiving and generous but it was a close run thing.

From that experience and from what i've observed in the Mistresses i've met, here is a 10 point plan to try to be forgiven and end the exile.

1. Remember the basic terms of a Mistress/ slave relationship - She is always right and you get what you deserve. Don't even bother to feel agrieved, if you do you're in the wrong game.
2. Don't bombard Her with texts (especially long ones). It doesn't work and in fact it just annoys Her even more.
3. As previously mentioned, don't under any circumstances moan about it on twitter or any other social network. Not only does that lead to potentially being barred for good by the Mistress concerned it also can get you blacklisted with other Mistresses.
4. Leave it about a week, then send Her a text and/ or an e-mail asking for a session and promising to do what She wants to allow you back. Would be worth apologising too.
5. Don't make the text or e-mail very long but make sure it is very polite and respectful.
6. Before that, if you are on Twitter, delete any offensive tweets and post one saying how sorry You are and how You deserve Your punishment but hope to win Her forgiveness one day.
7. If She does allow you in Her presence again make sure you bring a really nice gift. Alternatively send one to Her in the post as part of an apology. Check Her wish list and don't scrimp on the money.
8. Also if you are allowed back in Her presence do not make the same mistake or another one which undermines Her trust in you. It is unlikely She will give you a third chance.
9. Be patient, She will work on Her own timescale or even time zone.
10. Good luck, you'll need it

i hope it works for my first correspondent, but if not, sorry, the Mistress is always right.

Remember, if you want advice e-mail me at or tweet me on @DaniTallulah

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

How a tranny was born - the reason for writing this blog

Hi i'm DaniTallulah. This is a blog aimed at providing help, advice or even getting information for all those confused trannies and subs out there and i know from twitter that there are quite a few ;-)
But for a little bit of background and to explain why i'm writing this blog this, briefly, is the tale of how i became a tranny sub.
As far as conversions go my experience has been pretty rapid and profound, almost religious in its quality just with a different object of worship.
This time last year i was still a normal beer swigging, bloke with a beard who had just about plucked up the courage to visit a Domme to get some of my fantasies out of my system. But that all changed for good almost exactly 12 months ago (actually 7th November 2010 but who's counting the days) and a baptism in a bath filled with Mistress Scarlett Thorne's piss and spit where i was reborn as a tranny with my new name DaniTallulah.
The beard took a few more weeks to be killed off, but my transformation under Scarlett Thorne's has been much faster than i expected.
It has been a path with many highs - going out for the first time dressed up, pulling guys, winning Miss Trannyshack (still not sure how), learning how to do make up, buying feminine clothes and much more - but there have also been many falls, much uncertainty, a hell of a lot of self doubt and most of all the stress of living a double life.
i've been lucky that i had a Mistress who has also introduced me to my Tranny Army of Doom sisters and Her friends have offered me help and advice at difficult and confused times. But the advice and information out there is fairly conflictual and often reflects individuals personal experiences.
Which, coming back to the original point, is why i've decided to set up an agony blog for trannies and subs trying to make sense of it all to provide help and advice drawn from the best of what i've experienced and what has worked from what i've been told by others.
i'll also post some tof the difficulties i have and how i fail or succeed in solving them.
So if you are a sub or/ and tranny and have any doubts and problems whether they are totally bizarre or fairly ordinary, small or big e-mail me on or tweet me at @DaniTallulah