Monday, 27 August 2012

A tranny beginners guide to make-up in 10 steps

As important as clothes, demeanour, behaviour, hair pieces and shaving or waxing are for me the great moment of transformation is reached when you paint your face with make up. When i have got my face on i feel completed as a girl and ready to face the world, literally, as a proud, confident woman.

But i know from personal experience that for many TV girls starting out make up is a little daunting to say the least. It feels like one of those things you should know what to do but in reality it is a lot more complicated than it seems and very easy to get wrong. And when it goes wrong it looks dreadful and worst of all can really make you look like a clown and a man - yuk!

In fact, just to show that even with a little experience a gurl can get it wrong, only the other day i realised i was using the wrong colour foundation and it was far too dark and orangey for my skin tone. The discovery was a result of me waxing my chest and being able to wear lower cut dresses.

Admittedly, make-up is something i will never stop learning and there are many tricks of the trade i am still finding out so anybody who has discovered any clever things to do please leave a comment below.

But here is a 10-step beginners guide to make-up along with sonme of the top tips i have picked up from the my mentor and Mistress Scarlett Thorne and tranny friends such as @MaidFelicity and @MsEmilyAnarchy:

1. Make sure you have shaved your face properly.
This may sound incredibly obvious but you would be surprised how many gurls simply forget, especially later in the day when the afternoon shadow has appeared. Always worth running a razer over your face before you start.

Top tip: Foundation usually hides stubborn stubble but if it is really dark then put concealer on the spots after you have applied foundation.

2. Clean and moisturise your face
As part of the preparation it is worth washing your face, getting rid of dirt and sweat and also applying moisturiser because make-up can dry out your face.

Top tip: Try E45 moisturiser because it has no scent.

3. Cover your face in foundation
Foundation is exactly what it says, it is the platform on which your transformation is built and the rest of the make-up is put on. When you apply it make sure it is spread evenly across your face, chin and upper neck and blended in carefully leaving no uncovered spots. Do this in clear light and in front of a mirror.
To apply is squeeze it on to the back of your hand then put blobs on your chin, two cheeks, forehead and nose and then spread it.

Top tip: Be careful when you choose foundation. Make sure it is slightly paler than the colour and tone of your skin.

Another top tip: Use a magnifying mirror to double check the results. Keep one handy in your make-up bag.

4. Powder your face
You need to do this to thoroughly across all the foundation, preferably with a pale powder and just enough to hold the foundation in place. It is worth repowdering your face afterwards when you go out at night.

Top tip: You can use a special pad but it is best to do this stage with a powder brush.

5. Apply blusher
This is the point where you start putting colour on your face. Blushers come in all sorts of colours but i prefer tanned or pinky looks. Use a pad to apply blusher and put it in small amount starting on your cheeks and applying it in circular motions.

Top tip: Beware not to put on too much, especially during the day. It can make you look like a clown. If you are going out for the night or whoring then put on  a lot more but make sure it blends in properly.

6. Apply eye shadow
Choose a colour which matches what you are wearing. Close your eyes one at a time and make sure your eye lid is not wrinkled. Then apply it carefully and evenly.

Top tip: Like blusher do not over do it during the day to avoid the clown look. A lot of make up works when you are going out or on the pull.

7. Next the eye liner
Make sure the eye liner pencil is sharp. Start on the inside corner of your eye and follow the line of the edge of your lower eye lid which you should be holding down for a clear view.

Top tip: You can get many colours but generally use black liner.

Another top tip: After you have finished with eye liner and eye shadow then it is better to smudge them carefully at the outside corners of your eyes.

8. Put on mascara
It took me time to start using mascara but i wish i had used it earlier. This is the special make-up to make your eye lashes stand out and look more feminine. Again with a steady hand lightly brush your eye lashes. Beware of blobs dropping on to your face or lower eyelid.

Top tip: Don't bother with mascara primer. It is a waste of money and actually weighs down your lids.

9. And finally the lipstick
The main issue with lipstick is to avoid using too much and letting it smudge across your face. Find a colour and tone which fits what you are wearing and the rest of your make-up. Carefully put it on your lips and rub them lightly together. Follow the line of your lips and you can go slightly over but make sure you keep the shape of your mouth. Allow it to dry before drinking.

Top tip: Use lipstick liner of the same colour first to draw the shape and then fill in with the lipstick.

Another top tip: Use a straw when drinking to avoid smudges.

10. Finishing off
Check your face carefully in the mirror and use cotton buds to remove blemishes or smudges.

Top tip: Good make up is generally expensive, but a good place to start with reasonably priced make-up is Collection 2000 in Boots, particularly for foundation.

Another top tip: Carry a small make-up mirror, powder, blusher and make-up in your handbag to replenish your make-up when you go out.

The good news is that make-up lessons (from beginners to advanced) are among the exciting services Scarlett Thorne and i are offering in our special makeover sessions available to would be and already practising gurls from £120 an hour . Just call or text Mistress Scarlett Thorne on 07910476639 or me on 07532425141.

If you have any questions about being a tranny gurl or a sub then contact me at or on Twitter on @DaniTallulah.