Friday, 1 November 2013

10 conversation lines to avoid if you want to pull a T-girl

When i was a man i was utterly rubbish at chat up lines. This may be because i was never a proper man but a girl stuck in a boy's body, however, since i finally embraced my true female nature i have had to endure the appalling variety of chat up lines men bombard us with and i am beginning to think that it may just be a general male failing.

i know there are plenty of guys out there who went to get into a T-girl's pants so here are some helpful tips in what conversation lines to avoid if you want to pull by the end of the night. These generally are true for girls who were lucky enough to be born in female bodies too, but even more so for T-girls because we tend to focus even more on the feminine.

1. Quoting Monty Python
Why do guys think this is the ultimate chat up line? i know you guys thinks it's the funniest thing ever and that woman played by Gwyneth Paltrow in Sliding Doors is supposedly wooed by some Python humour but you may as well pour a bucket of cold sick over a gurl because that's what quoting Python does to your chances of getting a shag.

2. Discussing football teams, tactics or whatever
Save it for the guys in the pub they appreciate other bores. The only good thing about sports stars is how good looking some are and who has been involved in the latest naughty gossip.

3. Military matters
Soldiers are fit and probably better looking than you. That's all the information we need.

4. Talk about your job.
Even if you think it is fascinating it is not. The exception to the rule is if you are a plastic surgeon offering a free boob job, a make-up artist, masseur, fitness instructor, model agent, involved in anyway in fashion or a jeweller ie useful jobs. And if you're a pimp i've already got one so f*** off! 

5. Boasting about how many pints you can down in one go.
Sorry all it means is that you end up limp and needing a piss all the time. Not worth opening our legs for.

6. Pretending you have an in depth knowledge of the stars.
I have yet to meet a man who can go beyond the Plough and it's the wrong stars anyway. We gurls may want to talk about celeb stars or even astrology stars which most guys don't have a clue about.

7. Science fiction 
Yawn! Still the wrong bloody stars.

8. Fantasy
The only Lord of the Rings we are interested in is some rich bloke giving us expensive jewellery.

9. How high you can score on computer games
As a general rule is the higher you computer score the smaller your... 

10. Cars
Omg! Is it pretty looking? Does it have a nice colour? Anything beyond that is really very unimportant. Oh yes the most important question: Is there enough room in the back seat or do we need to find a hotel?

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

A slave's watchword should be "gratitude"

There is no secret to a successful Domme/sub (D/s) relationship - Mistress is the Dominant and you are the slave. That means She is totally in control and you have no rights. Sounds simple, but all too often slaves forget their true status (and that has in the past included me).

Mistress Scarlett Thorne, who i have the privilege to serve, is the most generous person i know. She will almost always go over time with sessions. She goes out of Her way to help Her slaves. She spends hours making sure that those who come to serve Her have their fantasies fulfilled. She is incredibly caring, even though She is superior to all of us.

This is rare among Mistresses generally and for one as experienced and properly lifestyle as Scarlett Thorne it is almost unheard of.

Yet despite all this slaves still moan and whine.

If there is one piece of advice i am asked for more often than any by both new and experienced slaves it is usually some whining gripe about how they expected Mistress (not just Scarlett Thorne but many Others) to agree to some ridiculously excessive demand or not giving them extra time or not doing exactly what was expected or not doing something when they thought it might happen. Essentially the problem being slaves wanting something for free because they think somehow they have paid for it.

The trouble is that the moan is also more often than not also sent to Mistress in the form of whining and manipulative email, texts and dms. i know in Mistress Scarlett's case She is very hurt by these and feels it is a terrible betrayal by a slave who She has given so much of Herself for. And be in no doubt IT IS A BETRAYAL!

As i said i have made this mistake more than once. It is only through Mistress Scarlett's extraordinary ability to forgive and because She believes i am at heart devoted to Her that the resulting long, painful exiles did not become permanent. But i paid a heavy price for my bad behaviour which made me physically and mentally ill, and quite rightly so.

i think my last exile which lasted more than a month finally brought me to my senses. i realised that there is nothing more important to me than serving Mistress Scarlett Thorne and that i would be willing to sacrifice almost anything to be allowed to continue as Her property, maid, PA, punchbag and all the other roles i fill.

i have now found complete happiness and peace in the simple knowledge that i am able to serve the most remarkable Person i have ever met in my life, which is no small compliment. In turn Mistress Scarlett is a very generous Mistress. She knows She has complete power over me and that makes Her generosity all the more touching.

But for those of you who are feeling deeply frustrated and are about to send a whining text to your Mistress or/ and bad mouth Her behind Her back, then read the following points and DO NOT send the message.

1. Remember you are a slave in a D/s relationship. As a slave you have no rights (that's the point). If you don't take it seriously and are just playing at it then maybe proper BDSM is not for you. But here is a warning the "Dominatrixes" who are not lifestyle are much more likely to clock watch and kick you out when your time is up.

2. Never forget Mistress' many generosities and kindnesses. That is certainly the case with Scarlett Thorne. It is generous of Her to even allow you to enter Her service. Most Dommes are quite picky.

3. The money you pay for sessions is tribute to the Dominant you serve to support Her lifestyle it is not an exact science for a specific amount of time. For that tribute you will often get more than you asked for but sometimes less depending on Mistress' mood. Be grateful for whatever you get.

4. Remember that Dommes have a private life and do not want to be pestered all the time. They also need down time to recover and relax. Sessioning is hard work, some harder work than others.

5. Moaning is counterproductive. If you really annoy a Mistress She may cut your time, get rid of you, ignore you for weeks or months,or even get you blacklisted. Exile is a terrible thing.

6. Also remember that you are just one of many slaves for Mistress (that doesn't include me of course HAHA! because i am Scarlett Thorne's maid and there's just one of me). If you upset Her then She has many more play things She will prefer to give attention to.

So here are some Dos and Don'ts:

DO ask nicely and say please and thank you.

DON'T send whining texts or dms

DO be enormously grateful and broadcast your gratitude

DON'T show any ingratitude

DO make sure you do your best to make Mistress happy

DON'T bitch about Her to others in private or public

DO send polite requests

DON'T bombard her with hundreds of texts

If you feel frustrated, that's normal because you are a slave FFS! This is all about Mistress' whims and desires which just happen to overlap with yours.

So here is my advice: Before you pick up your mobile to send that umpteenth whining text take a deep breath and then several more deep breaths, think about the many generosities of Mistress, think about the consequences of really seriously annoying Her, think about how important serving Mistress is and then do not send the text.

One way to tackle it is to have a daily mantra like me.  Some of you may have seen it on Twitter and it allows me to keep things in perspective.

"Serving Mistress Scarlett Thorne is a privilege not a right, i must WORK HARDER ad SUFFER MORE to deserve it."

If you have any problems as a sub or tranny you can contact me on or on Twitter by tweeting @DaniTallulah.

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Diary of a sissy maid (2)

Here's the next instalment of my diary as Mistress Scarlett Thorne's sissy maid. i don't put everything in just moments or thoughts which strike me as important.

Monday 5 August 2013
Mistress Scarlett Thorne (MST) is away in Wales and not coming back til tomorrow. i am supposed to clean but get bogged down by vanilla life stuff. Often find if i don't start at the Tranny Flat in the morning it is hard to catch up. Is generally a very frustrating day. Even a client who wanted to try out my various holes and me to try his cancels.
Eventually arrive at 7.30pm and run into Princess. Somehow it seems a good idea to go to a local cocktail restaurant and have an evening out...the cleaning can wait.
Go home tipsy and feeling very worried what happens if MST returns and finds TF not properly cleaned.

Tuesday 6 August 2013
Arrive at midday in TF far later than planned. Decide that lunch is for people with too much time. Often don't eat when i a maiding especially if MST is away. MST usually forces me to have something on the basis that if i pass out i am no good to Her.
Blitz the flat. Hoover, dust, mop, wipe clean things i have not cleaned before. Polish mirrors. Do all the washing and washing up. Reorganise Her wardrobe and clothes drawer. File the receipts into the correct envelopes. Don't stop til 8pm absolutely knackered.
MST texts to say She won't arrive til very late and i leave praying inwardly that She is happy with my work.
People imagine serving a Mistress that She is always there and You are just running around at Her beck and call but the truth is very different. i am often in the TF alone getting on with chores. i spend many hours alone with just my mop and cleaning materials for company and Classic FM playing in the background (MST insists its stays on).
There is no "play" as some might put it just work and the hope that MST will be at least semi-pleased. Even a brief word of praise fills me with joy.
i am not bored. i love doing the chores because i feel i am making a small contribution to Mistress' life and if i have downtime there is always work on my nails, shaving or doing online things.
People may look down on menial tasks but i wish i could do them all the time. It is a matter of working for the right person and i do.

Wednesday 7 August 2013
Very happy MST is back. Get to TF as quickly as possible to hear Her verdict on my cleaning.
"Not bad."
For somebody with MST's high standards that's quite high praise although She thinks i should have polished the mirrors better.
But there is good and bad news at the end of the day. MST is pleased enough to give me my two butterfly stickers back BUT if i "f*** up again" i start losing stickers i had previously won. i have 24 hours to see if i am two up or more down.
MST does these things to exert Her control over me. She knows that it will make me panic and worry and i think think She derives a lot of pleasure from stirring up my fear and uncertainty. But i guess She is a sadist, She doesn't play at being one!
Highlight of the day was spending an hour on my knees massaging MST's sore feet while She made telephone calls and watched TV. They were a lot less sore after i finished but my hands and knees ached incredibly.
It really is my favourite task. There's a huge level of trust given to a slave when she or he is allowed to massage a Domme and more than that there is a symbiotic relationship that develops. As i massage i sort of soak up Mistress' pain into my hands and take it on for Her. It is very intimate but it can also be very dehumanising because as the sub gets on with it the Mistress largely ignores her or him except to give the odd verbal instruction on changing the emphasis of he massage. i remember i once massaged MST's feet for two hours while She watched a film about somebody being buried alive. She ignored me throuhout, i felt like a utility, but i also felt very happy.
It is not always true though. Sometimes the massage is the time when Mistress discusses Her personal things with the sub and gossips. So it can also be very personal and friendly time.
Today was a mixture of both.But whichever it is there is nothing to beat being at your Mistress' feet on your knees serving Her.

Thursday 8 August 2013
So what do you do as a slave when the Mistress you serve gives one order then one of Her best friends another Domme arrives and gives contradictory orders?
i tend to go with the Domme in front of me on the basis that whichever way i go punishment is inevitable and the nearest Domme is the one in the best position to hit you.
Any today MST was away on vanilla life business and Her great friend Mistress Luna arrived with new equipment for Her to borrow. MST had said to wait before taking things up to the flat, ML had other ideas. So boyed up i assisted ML.
MST arrived, told me off, beat me hard, shouted a bit and then W/we all got on with another TF reorganisation.
This represented survival for a sub. Although i almost got myself in terible trouble for forgetting toput ice in ML's drink.
At the end of the day MST made me kneel and gave me two good gurl butterflies on my bucket but also three bad gurl feet. That's 13 strikes of a cane to my feet for every misdemeanor but 13 per cent of the way to a shopping trip with the butterflies.

Friday 9 August 2013
Sad day because i am going away on holiday for two weeks. MST beats me hard for having the cheek for going away, although i did ask permission.
Most people feel happy about going on holiday but my idea of a holiday would be to just serve MST without worrying about my other life.
Work really hard, almost get the sack twice and somehow survive.
Before i go MST gets me to kneel again with the bucket. This time there is a new poo sticker for shame but two more butterfly stickers for working so hard.
Also Mistress puts "My best gurl" on the bucket. Feel incredibly happy. Going to miss Her so much and the TrannyFlat.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

From slouch to slut - how serving Scarlett Thorne has physically changed me

i am what is described as a "pre-op tranny". To put it crudely i haven't had a boob job, been pumped with hormones or had anything chopped off and replaced with an extra hole. However, just because i have not gone under the surgeon's knife does not mean i have not undergone so major physical changes as i have been systematically feminised.

This blog is meant as a double celebration. It is partly to mark the third anniversary of when my servitude to Mistress Scarlett Thorne began, the cause of the changes i am about to describe. But it is also one of my gifts to Mistress on Her birthday which happily occurs within a few days of my anniversary of entering Her service.

It is fair to say that everything i am about to describe was either inspired, instructed, taught, forced or inflicted by Scarlett Thorne as She has relentlessly reshaped me and transformed me into my true self and a better feminine person. i have been very fortunate to have come under the influence of such a talented Mistress who has been willing to spend so much time on me. Every aspect of my physical feminisation has been an improvement.

In the last three years i have transformed beyond recognition. Somebody close to me in my vanilla life commented that i am a totally changed person physically as well as mentally, although they did not know the reason.

Weight Loss

The first change and one that has continued is the huge amount of weight i lost. When i first shambled through the dungeon door and me Mistress Scarlett Thorne i was not obese but was certainly fat. In that typical male fashion i did not recognise or care about it. Diets were for women!

But the weight loss at first came as part of a change in my subconscious. i suddenly became aware that i was losing weight rapidly and doing thing like dieting and exercise without thinking about it. The cause was my first shopping trip with Scarlett Thorne when She allowed me to join Her entourage at Erotica in London. That day i splashed out on an amazing zebra print coat, a size 18, which was pretty large. Somehow i think that planted the seed in my mind that i wanted to be smaller, thinner and more attractive.

i still remember the joy i felt when i could fit into a size 16 pvc dress as the first sign that the weight was coming off. In three years i am now three stone less than i was that day i first met Mistress and can even fit into a size 10 on occasions and Mistress even thinks i could squeeze into size 8 hotpants!

But of course another reason for losing the pounds is being taken on as Scarlett Thorne's full time maid. She stops me from starving to death by forcing me to eat biscuits and scraps from Her kitchen (usually left over beans and mouldy toast) but She works me like a bitch, none stop. my daily mantra is that i "must work harder" and She makes it clear that each new day involves a new level of intensity of work for Her, which is only fair for a Mistress to expect from a slave. So all the desperate running around to keep up with Her demands and all the chores have certainly helped me shed the pounds.

i am not sure if cum s fattening and do get to eat a lot of it as part of my whoring job. However, when i am whoring cum is usually the only thing Mistress allows me to swallow, probably so i am hungry for more.

Hair loss

It is funny to think that three years ago i had a beard and even after i started being a tranny i kept it for a few months. Hair loss has been a big problem mainly because of prejudices at home, but over time i have waxed, shaved and lasered it all off.

i love having bare legs now and i feel so much sexier for it. And not having hair around my arsecrack is much nicer for clients when they want to use me for their pleasure.

i even have a special laser device to stop regrowth. Now i have got rid of almost all my body hair i can't imagine wanting it back again. It makes putting sun tan lotion or moisteriser on so much easier and frankly is so much more attractive. i am not going to apologise fr being a shameless slut. When i go out i want men to touch me up and want to f*** me. A nice smooth gurl is far more likely to be a nice honeytrap.

For those though who struggle because of their vanilla lives with getting rid of hair, and i know the problem, then i have written a blog post on tactical things you can do by clicking here.

The benefits of torture

As those of you who know the methods of Scarlett Thorne will be aware, butt plugs and nipple clamps are regular methods of basic punishment. She often makes me wear them when i do my chores to motivate me.

The great advantage of butt plugs and other things Mistress forces me to take up my arse is that they strtch my hole. This means i can take larger things and this in turn is good for business because my tranny pussy is ready for cocks of all sizes. This in turn means i can earn more money for Mistress.

Mistress also stuck things down the little hole on what is now my clitoris but used to be my penis. She has said She intends to do more work on it and eventually turn that hole into a pussy. While nowhere near that yet the hole is much larger than before.

Nipple clamps of varying hardness and pain thresholds teach you to take pain and suffer more (another part of my daily mantra). A good slave needs to be able to take a lot of pain to work more efficiently and cope with the regular blows and beatings from Mistress.

The clamps have also enormously increased the size of my nipples which used to be very small. When i do do have breast implants it means my nipples will be nice and big and ready for me to look properly sexy.

Nails, teeth and skin

One of the things that Mistress forced me to do was to have a pedicure. i used to have horrid toe nails and that was put right with a really good pedicure. It also softened the skin on my feet and took the old hard dead skin away.

This has had several advantages. First, again it is good for business, i can now offer services to foot fetishists and not feel embarrassed.

Also it means that Mistress' preferred punishment (caning my foot soles) is even more painful and terrifying than it was before.

The improvement on my toe nails means that it is also much easier to use nice nail polish and then get it off when i return to the vanilla world. This is also true of my hands where Mistress has taught me to look after my nails with special files and ordered me to do it regularly. my hands look amazingly better for it and my nails are much stronger.

Also on my hands Mistress has made me grow my nails longer which makes them look far more attractive when properly painted.

One thing that Scarlett Thorne is also keen on is that i guard against the signs of ageing especially on my hands. One of my favourites tasks for Her has helped in this respect, giving Mistress a foot massage. When i do this i use Cocoa Butter moisteriser so my hands get moisterised too in the process. i also use moisteriser independently now to make my skin softer and look younger.

An added bonus is that i have discovered longer nails work better with typing.

Mistress is also very particular about teeth. When i was younger i was lucky because my parents forced me to wear braces. i didn't feel lucky at the time mind you! But thanks to the braces my teeth are in good shape in my mouth.

But one of my few initiatives since becoming a gurl was to buy toothpaste for whitening. It has been amazing! Within a few months i have lost the yellowy smile and now have something more akin to a film star. i can tell you that men are much happier to stick their cocks into the mouth of a girl with clean white teeth to somebody who looks like their dentures have been transplanted from a zombie movie.

Mistress also persuaded me to regularly chew minty gum which means i always have fresh breath. i think we all know that nice smelling breath makes a much better impression on people!


There are so many things that Mistress Scarlett Thorne has taught me and forced me to do to become more feminine in the way i conduct myself. She spent many hours teaching me various ways of walking like a girl. She put an end to the slouching, shuffling man She first met.

i now sit like a girl. i keep my knees together or legs crossed. When you have a dress it focusses the mind on not sitting with your legs apart, nasty male habit.

Mistress has also forced me to hold y shoulders back, stick my boobs out, hold my stomach in and stick my bum out. i need to look good and sexy to attract men. Actually when i had a photoshoot recently, Mistress literally manhandled, manipulated and punched me to get the right posture. It was very uncomfortable and painful but totally worth it!

These are just some of the ways i have physically changed. i could mention the voice as well, which i have consciously had it make higher and more feminine. This is quite a tough physical exercise and involves singing lots of scales.

The great thing though is that while Mistress Scarlett Thorne has taken me a long way there is always more to do and more improvements to be done. i am very luck that She never seems to tire of forcing me to become feminine in another way.

i know i am on a journey to become a proper girl who knows it may, actually hopefully, will end in surgery, but i hope from reading this blog you have realised there is so much that can be done without making an appointment with the doctor.

If you want any help or advice with your tranny or sub life e-mail me on or tweet me on @DaniTallulah

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The diary of a sissy maid (1)

Mistress Scarlett Thorne has ordered me to keep a regular diary of my experiences serving Her and working in the Tranny Flat. Some of it is meant for publication to give people a flavour of what it really is like to work as a maid and a whore and be completely subject to the whims of a Superior like Mistress Scarlett Thorne.

i started the diary last week and actually it was full of drama and quite illustrative of the ups and downs of servitude.

Monday 29 July 2013
The week starts with my usual early morning arrival to get the Tranny Flat ready after the weekend. Unusually Mistress Scarlett Thorne (MST) is there and not coming back from Wales.
MST is very happy with me because of the blog i wrote for Her website over the weekend about whinging slaves. So week starts well.
She tells me to not look at Her which is normal in the morning before She puts Her make up on. When i do look at Her She lays into me with her hand to make sure i don't make the same mistake again. Have to wear my bucket on my head so i don't look while She is speaking to me.
This little ritual is all part of reinforcing the social order in the Tranny Flat ie MST at the top and me at the bottom.
Turns out to be a normal day. i clean dungeon, bathroom, kitchen and suspension room, put on the washing, do a pile of washing up and hoover.
i then pop to my "silly part time job" which pays the wages and come back again to clean up after Mistress' sessions. Ms Laura Lashes has been helping Her. Absolutely love Her long leopard print summer dress, really want to get one.
Day ends with vodka and lemonade. 

Tuesday 30 July 2013
Serving one Mistress is tough and generally terrifying a lot of the time but two is mind blowingly scary.

MST's  friend Mistress Luna comes round to help in a session. The two always try to outdo one another in cleanliness and strictness. MST hits me a few times and shouts at me that i'm not working hard enough.
i think Luna has told MST that She is too soft on me. The bruises on me would disagree but i am not one to judge.
Luna tells me off because my hair is a mess, which earns me another beating from MST. i am told to hide myself from the slave coming in because i am "in shame."
Later on i get a call from a nice Australian who wants a quick blow job, which is nice and makes me happy and another one who books for the day after.

The day is ended cleaning up the dungeon and going for a drink with Luna, MST and my best tranny pal Princess. Luna is hard but is actually be very nice and generous and insists on buying the first round. It just goes to show that Mistresses have high standards but are also very kind to those below them.

Wednesday 31 July 2013
Arrived at Tranny Flat late.  Mistress Scarlett Thorne (MST) was furious. Totally furious. She had given me permission to be a little later but was an hour after She had allowed. Some people may see these things as "play" but when MST is cross i actually get quite frightened.

MST hit me a lot shouting at me and wanting to know why things were not done. Had 15 minutes to get dungeon and suspension rooms ready. MST threatens to sack me which makes me worried. Feel a bit sad and sore from the blows.
Two hours of peace while MST abused a slave. Brushed my hair and tried to work on my website. Can't decide how to theme my website. Want to abuse slaves like MST abuses me but wonder if i am too submissive to pull it off.
Am cross with a client who had booked a 2pm session with me and not confirmed. Damn timewasters. Hate them!
MST comes out of session and is still angry this time because the washing up is not done and Mistress Luna is on Her way for another session. Mistress Luna likes things even cleaner than MST which is saying a hell of a lot. Wonder what it would be like to work for both and thought makes me nervous. 
Waiting while MST does sessions can be really boring, people don't think about that side of a dungeon and serving a Mistress but there is a lot of waiting.i keep myself busy doing chores, my nails and trying to improve my website but failing. Decide i don't like the pictures i have chosen for the site.
MST comes out of second session. Unhappy that washing is too wet and making puddles on the floor. She drags me to bath and pisses on me to show me the difference between wet and dry. The wet feels very warm on my back and MST laughs a lot. Then tells me to put on nipple clamps and put a butt plug inside as punishment. Tells me i have to work up to a very large butt plug.
i am made to wear piss soaked hair and embarrassing frilly dress which certainly makes MST very cheerful. She later allows me to change into my sexy pink lace dress. She says it is one of Her favourite dresses of mine. i like it too because it attracts men and club doorways. 
Day finishes with a big reorganisation of two work rooms, moving double beds. MST does the manly DIY stuff. i sort of flap around. MST wears goggles to protect Her eyes. She gets bvery frustrated and beats me up again to feel better. Really hurts, get a couple of bruises, but MST seems happier.
Leave 8.30pm. MST says i have been a "good gurl" and will get a butterfly sticker for my maid bucket as reward and a chastity release. Leave feeling really happy and uplifted even though it was a tough day.
i enjoy getting punished it helps me improve even though it hurts and can be frightening. But most of all i feel happy that Mistress is pleased. It means i survive another day as Her maid.

Thursday 1 August 2013
It was a day that reminded me of how fragile this existence is and one that made me very worried.
Arrived at Tranny Flat not sure if i would be allowed to serve. Mistress had been very enigmatic about it the night before. Was about to leave down hearted after She failed to answer when She texted me to tell me to hurry up.
Seems that Mistress Scarlett Thorne had been up late having some rather debauched fun and might have been suffering from a nasty hangover.
Got on with cleaning while MST went back to bed.
Was ordered to give MST a foot massage (which is my favourite task). Don't have a foot fetish but could spend and have spent hours massaging MST's feet taking Her pain into my hands. Was also told to give Her a head massage, which i got right after a while, thought MST was going to hit me at one point, but She was too hungover.
MST becomes really quite ill. It reminds me of when She has allergy problems although i think it is different.
MST is so much physically and mentally stronger than me it is always a shock to be reminded how fragile She can be. my pathetic little life is dedicated to Her now and i am really not sure what i would do if something happened to MST.
Fortunately, She recovered by the evening but was ordered to hide the Tranny Flat supply of alcohol because of Her earlier hangover.
MST bought me some beautiful nail polish for my help and awarded me another good gurl butterfly for the bucket. Really happy, but mainly because MST is well again.

Friday 2 August 2013
Week ends in total disaster. Feel utterly miserable.
Ordered to hoover suspension room and discover that the hoover is broken. It's only six months old! MST blames me because She saw me being less than careful winding cable up earlier in the week. It's the cable that's jammed.
MST is totally furious.
There is a difference between Her warm, session style anger and the the cold hard fury of when She is in a bad mood. Today is the latter and it makes me very afraid.
Fortunately find receipt go to Argos but cannot get a like for like replacement. Have to pay a little more for a new one but get them to give me a £5 voucher as an apology.
Go back to TF expecting to be sacked or at least suspended for a while. MST shouts at me when i get in and threatens me with the sack immediately if i don't get on with maiding.
Make myself busy. Wanted to cry.
Luckily, a slave comes in for session and MST works out some of Her anger on him.
Afterwards, She says i am not sacked. Huge relief!
But She cancels the two butterflies i had earned during the week and a present She has promised me for weeks and weeks. Feel crushed. my immediate reaction is that it is unfair rewards are so hard to come by from Mistress that each one is treasured. But then i think about it and i take a couple of deep breaths.
Then i feel happy again. i would do what i do for n o reward because serving MST is the greatest reward and joy i can have in my life. Anything else is a bonus. And at least i go ho,e not sacked. 

Monday, 15 July 2013

10 ways to be a gurl in your "normal" life

If there is one thing that the top London Dominatrix and uber expert in forced feminisation Mistress Scarlett Thorne likes it is home work for Her subs and slaves. This is particularly true for Her sissies and tranny sluts who are expected to continue their feminine transformation at home and work.

The process of feminisation should not, according to Mistress Thorne, end at the Tranny Flat door, it needs to be worked on and embedded in the psyche.

But for most subs and sissies this is easier said than done. For those of us who lead a double life, how do you continue as a woman when you are supposed to be a man?

The answer is that there are some surprisingly simple things you can do to secretly keep your true female identity alive and remind you what you really are.

Here are 10 suggestions, which also provide a good checklist to do the homework Mistress Scarlett Thorne expects:

1. Sit on the toilet to pee like a woman - That thing between your legs is a clitoris not a cock to be waved around! So sit or crouch like a woman whenever you have to go. This is the easiest thing to do and can be done in private. It will also make your partner happier because you won't be making all those nasty splashes in the little girl's room.

2. Start only drinking beverages that are properly feminine - Helpfully i have provided you already with a guide to this which you can find by clicking here. Remember it is not what you drink but how you drink!

3. Stop taking showers and soak in the bath instead - Have a long, relaxing time in the bath preferably with soothing salts and balms as well as bubble bath.
Washing is not just for cleaning at speed it is something to linger over and appreciate. Think of all the times you have heard a girl using the excuse "I need to wash my hair." Being in the bath allows you to run your hands up and down your body and make you feel that much more sexy.

4. Shave your pussy - What i am saying here is shave your arse crack, to put it crudely. In reality it is your pussy and a sexy girl's pussy is always prepared to attract cock.
But on a practical level this is a great place to shave if you don't want to be obvious about shaving. They don't describe it as the place where the sun don't shine for nothing!
For more advice on tactical shaving click here.

5. Wear male clothes in girlie colours - my best tranny friend @PrincessTST gave me this idea after she had the great fortune to go shopping with the amazing Mistress Scarlett Thorne the other day. Princess needed some boy clothes for work and other vanilla scenarios but wanted to be as feminine as possible. So she chose the most feminine colours available, mostly red as far as i could tell.
But this is something that can be done by us all. Next time you see a guy in a suit with a pink shirt just make a mental note that "he" might have read my blog.

6. Read the fashion pages not the sports news - If you're going to think like a girl you need to start filling your head with things which will be interesting in female company. While many people think newspapers are dead wood, they are happily ubiquitous with a variety of things covered which means they provide perfect cover.
The trick is not to turn to the back page for the sport or the middle ones for the business (yawn!!!). Think feminine subjects. Get a paper with a good women's section or decent fashion pages. Check out health stories and find out make up tips.

7. Get a handbag and tell everyone it is a "man" bag - The one good thing about male fashion is that it is slowly feminising but pretending not to. The invention of man bags to carry papers and other stuff around to and from work is a perfect example of this. Get one, you know it's really a handbag and, as a gurl, you can carry it with pride!

8. Use lip moisteriser and face cream - Most of us cannot go around with make-up on in our normal lives but there are things you can do to get the feeling you are painting your face, while doing it a bit of good. So treat your face with cream and moisteriser. The best thing to carry around is the lip moisteriser which is just like lipstick but can be passed off as dealing with a dry lip problem. Lipstick needs regular topping up so remember to moisterise your mouth at every opportunity.

9. Never sit with your legs apart - This is a disgusting selfish male habit and SO SO unladylike! It's all about showing your manhood and taking as much territory as he can spreading out interfering with other people's personal space and cramping them up. Start sitting with your legs demurely clamped together. Remember modesty below the waste and thrust your chest forward a bit, that's the way to get admirers. Most importantly though you are sitting there thinking you are a woman.

10. Do the house work - You should be considerate and do this anyway. So many men though think that they can get away with cooking the odd meal and pretending to be skilled at DIY (i have yet to meet a man who can match this boast!).
Think like a woman, take pride in a clean house and start believing you are the maid in your own home. You may not be wearing a dress when you do it but metaphorically you will be.
At the same time you should abandon DIY. It is not something that should interest you much and it robs you of the pleasure of getting a real handyman round to do the work on your plumbing.

The great thing about all these tips is that you can do them without anybody suspecting you are being a gurl.

But the other thing is that they will make your partner happy. After all you will be cleaning up and helping out, keeping your stuff tidy in your new bag, not making a mess missing around the toilet, respecting people's personal space and able to talk about things which interest women.

This guide is a win, win all round for everyone in both your lives.

If you have any questions about being a tranny or a sub email me at or contact me on Twitter on @DaniTallulah

Monday, 22 April 2013

The Devoted and the Damned

There are not many occasions in one's life where you are afforded a window into your own soul and see yourself as you really are as opposed how you imagine yourself. Some people search for a such a chance in spiritual meditation, but more often than not it comes in a moment of great emotional charge when the plight of others suddenly becomes a mirror reflecting your image back.

This is exactly what happened to me this week in the most unlikely of circumstances when out of my strange curiosity and interest for politics i watched the replay of the House of Lords tributes to the former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on the Parliament TV website when i got home from work. What i saw did not only metaphorically grab me by my guts but it scared the living day lights out of me as i finally understood the secret to my tranny life and most of all my relationship with Mistress Scarlett Thorne.

i realise that Lady Thatcher's political legacy and policies sharply divides opinion and this piece makes no attempt to judge those things one way or the other. What fascinated me was the immense power even in death She held over others and the way Her life force transformed those closest to Her.

You may notice that i am using the Dominatrix capital letters terms to refer to Baroness Thatcher. She may not have been part of the BDSM world and She certainly was not a professional Dominatrix but there can be no doubt that She was a Domme in the truest sense of the word who exerted incredible control over the lesser beings that surrounded Her.

In fact i find the Lady Thatcher/ Mistress Thorne similarities scary. They are both red haired super-charged, super-talented women, who can be an outstanding success at whatever They set their minds to. But more than that Lady Thatcher was and Mistress Thorne is a Woman who inspires complete awe and devotion to those lucky enough to come close enough to be in their inner or even out circles. It is not just a case of a huge charisma, there are many people who possess one of those, or even massive self belief, it is the complete devotion that each of the Two manage to receive from Their followers.

Meeting people like that is something that happens only very rarely and for most people it never happens at all. i consider myself extremely fortunate to have been allowed to serve Scarlett Thorne but even to have met Her and known Her is an immense privilege.

Strangely enough historical records suggest the same is true of the most famous English redheaded woman - Elizabeth I.

But i would go even further. These women, certainly Lady Thatcher and Mistress Thorne seem to emit a life force which energises their followers and without which they are left like an empty husk.

i had often tried to define my relationship with Scarlett Thorne. Somehow a Domme/ sub relationship never seemed to cover it, but i was never able to find the words. It was not love, was not friendship, it was not the same as a bitch and her Mistress. Then this week it was the image of the men who devotedly followed Lady Thatcher that finally gave me my answer.

Packed into the Lords were names from British political history, mostly forgotten, but men who once wielded huge power in this country - Geoffrey Howe, Norman Tebbit, William Waldergrave, Tom King, Michael Jopling, Michael Forsyth, Norman Fowler, Douglas Hurd, John Gummer, Robert Armstrong and others.

You may recognise some, all or none of the names but these were men who when they served in Thatcher's government were filled with vigour and resolve. They dominated the country and shaped it in Her image.

But yesterday it was not only age which had shrivelled them. They looked like a broken army bereft of their leader of their inspiration or The Woman who gave them the force and energy to continue. They were empty shells echoing with the memories of Someone far greater than themselves.

It was clear that to a man, almost, they had remained devoted to Her well beyond Her fall from power and still were even after death. Looking into their faces i saw my own fate if i should outlive Mistress Thorne or at some point find myself out of Her service. It was obvious that their devotion to their Domme superseded marriage, careers and everything else as i have found my devotion to Scarlett Thorne has done for me.

This is not to say these Women are perfect, to strike a slightly controversial note and one which might get me in trouble with Mistress Thorne.

It was interesting that Tebbit, one of the Thatcher's greatest devotees, said he often argued with Her and added: "She hated people who sucked up to Her."

Both Women have Their weaknesses and foibles (not that i am going to detail them), but actually as bravery is defined by conquering fear not lacking fear, then i think that true devotion is being devoted despite knowing the person you have given your life to is flawed.

However, what frightened me was that two of the men in particular seemed to me to reveal one of two fates that awaits me.

First, there is Geoffrey Howe a man i empathise with a lot. He cut a lonely figure on the benches abandoned by all his old colleagues disgusted at what was an act of immense betrayal of the Iron Lady. Yet for many years he was perhaps Her most devoted minister. He put himself, his feelings and beliefs aside to get done what She wanted done. Howe was Thatcher's go to man. As Chancellor he delivered the most rightwing Thatcherite budget in modern British history and yet all this is forgotten amongst the devotees as they look on the man who has become the damned.

In 1990 Howe resigned from the government when for the first time he stood up for his own views and his subsequent speech is what set of the chain of events which brought about Lady Thatcher's demise.

Who knows if he regrets it but i think he does. As i looked on i saw a man bent, alone and haggard, broken and despised. He seemed desperately unhappy and was the subject of many barbs from others before he finally silently left.

Why do i feel for him? Well i have been there - too often! In fact this piece was going to be my tranny obituary. i did not bring Scarlett Thorne down, but betrayal comes in many different forms and without going into details my hubris, moodiness and ingratitude led to a period of exile from which i had not expected to return. Strangely enough - in Her uncanny ability to pick a moment - i am writing this piece on a day when Mistress Thorne has offered me a chance to start the long road to redemption. i am sure though that should i fail again, and maybe if i don't do enough to properly take a chance i don't deserve, then Howe's fate awaits me. A person reduced to less than nothing.

i think for him the great pain of his treachery was that it separates him from the life force of his old boss. For me it is partly that i cannot be my true self as a gurl, but the real pain is being cut off from the energy that Scarlett Thorne gives all Her followers. It made me realise my tranny existence is entirely entwined with my service to Her. danitallulah was created and given life by Scarlett Thorne through a baptism in a bath of Her piss, dani's existence without Mistress Thorne is one of emptiness.

Even a few weeks of banishment is terribly painful and seeing Howe made me understand why i stood the pain in the faint hope of being allowed back because it was better than the desolation of total loss by walking away.

But there is another form of damnation for a devotee, which while not in the ninth circle of Hell of the traitor, is no less painful.

Norman Tebbit -  a man so tough he was once known as the Chingford skinhead - was gulping back the tears as he spoke of his one regret with Lady Thatcher. Tebbit and his wife were injured in the IRA's bomb which blew up the Grand Hotel in Brighton in 1986. His wife was left severely disabled in a wheelchair. But despite this he went on to help Baroness Thatcher win the 1987 election but then retired so he could care for his wife and refused to take ministerial office again.

"I left Her [Thatcher] to the mercy of Her friends," he said in the Lords this week, referring to the betrayal by Tory MPs which led to Mrs T being ousted.

For Tebbit there was a double life choice which has often troubled me and will continue to trouble me. For him the great devotion was Thatcher but he had to do the right thing and care for his wife.

For me it is my service to Scarlett Thorne and my tranny life and my vanilla life and duties to my family who i love very much and a career i have invested much of my life in. At the moment i have managed to keeep both going although the tranny life supersedes the vanilla one. But i fear that one day i will not be able to continue with both and will have to make a choice. At the moment i would have to make the moral not selfish choice of my family ahead of the Woman i am devoted to.

For Tebbit being forced to make the choice and seeing what happened when he stepped away clearly broke him. He was nothing without his Domme i fear the same would be true of me.

But i hate to finish on a down note. The one thing that can be said of all Thatcher's followers was that they all experienced something extraordinary. The Woman who inspired them may no longer be with them but those experiences and memories cannot be taken away. In that sense they were truly privileged.

If i was never to see Scarlett Thorne again from tomorrow the same would be true of me. It has been an amazing joy and privilege even to have spent two and a bit years in Her service and if i could go back in time i would not hesitate to go into Her service again.

Monday, 4 March 2013

A Chinese New Year Guide to the Tranny Flat

Happy New Year everybody! As many of you know Mistress Scarlett Thorne is a proud Welsh Domme and all Her slaves have sub-Welsh nationality as a result. This is why She has declared that 1st March, the national day of Wales, the most beautiful country on earth, is also the official start of the Scarlett Year in the Tranny Flat.
But Mistress Scarlett Thorne is also a close follower of Chinese Astrology and with the Chinese new year just a few weeks ago in the “normal” world, in Scarlett Time it coincides with the start of the Scarlett Year.
And oh dear, even in Scarlett Time it’s the year of the snake! Sounds treacherous and scary but fear not i’m here with my hissingly bitchy and totally unhelpful guide to Chinese Astrology!!!
To celebrate the Scarlett and Chinese New Years i thought i would give you all a fun guide to some of the P/people who populate the Tranny Flat based loosely and in a very light hearted way on the Chinese zodiac. i hope it will make you smile and give you some insight into how O/our roles in the @TrannyFlat could be seen to reflect our birth years.
For those of you serious about Chinese Astrology or who want to know more facts rather than my quirky take on it, please enjoy  Master Simon Wong’s book 2013 Year of the Snake – A Guide to Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology for the most authentic and best advice. Click here.
i will provide Twitter names for those who you who want to follow U/us all starting, of course, with the ‘Top Bitch’ Herself  Mistress Scarlett Thorne.

The Chinese astrological cycle traditionally starts with The Year of the Rat but here in the Tranny Flat, for reasons which will become obvious, the cycle begins with the Year of the Dog.
The Year of the Dog

Anyone who has been lucky enough to have ever met the astonishingly beautiful London Mistress Scarlett Thorne would never describe Her as “looking like a dog“.  i may get in trouble for calling Mistress a dog, but She embodies the classic traits of Year of the Dog people.
Mistress Scarlett Thorne is after all The Top Bitch. She is the ultimate ‘Leader of the Pack‘ . She is happiest when She has a pack of slaves and trannies to follow Her and do what She commands.
She is incredibly loyal and generous.  This is of course typical of Year of the Dog P/people.  To those who follow Her and the rules of Her pack She is kind, generous and thoughtful, often providing a group for ‘outcast dogs‘ to join.  However, should anyone cross Mistress they will find a fierce and terrifying force to be reckoned with. Those who challenge Her authority will certainly see Mistress bare Her teeth and possibly even feel the cruel bite that Mistress can deliver. She will savage anyone who gets in Her way but nurture those She enjoys the company of like the Regal She Wolf who nurtured Romulus and Remus that founded Rome.
Those who follow Her rules will be spiritually fed by working together, those who leave Her pack are condemned to a life of loneliness and despair, left to gnaw on rotten bones and scavenge at the scraps of a ruined life.
Dogs measure size in personality not physicality and Mistress has a personality that dwarfs all around Her. The power of Her natural charisma and tenderness that She shows to those who follow Her, inspires exceptional loyalty from the members of Her pack, who would do anything for Her.
Mistress is indeed the ultimate Year of The Dog Character and I of course wish Her a year full of success and happiness both this year and beyond.

@Maid_Felicity - The Lap Dog
As you already know Mistress Scarlett Thorne is a Year of the Dog, but as we all know there are many different types of dogs. Felicity is sweet and not at all savage and only wants to be part of the pack. She is very humble, far more than she should be because she is beautiful and so talented. But Felicity just wants to serve and do her Mistress’s bidding.
Not so much a bitch, Felicity is a lap dog who is eager to please.
Unfortunately, Felicity is more like one of those very willing spaniels that are always trying to be helpful but often manages to create a far bigger mess than she means to.
Felicity is like the chihuahuas of Beverly Hills and is often used as an attractive accessory to accompany Mistress on nights out as Felicity is so well attired. This has made Felicity the go to gurl for many Mistresses around the UK as a sissy maid, tranny sub and shopping companion to take out.
Like a lap dog though Felicity really wants a Mistress to own her full time and is searching still for the right one. Mistress Scarlett Thorne has many pet dogs but Felicity is based in another part of the country to Mistress. Mistress has said that She loves the company of this little tail wagger so much that if She had space she would keep Felicity full time.

Year of the Pig

Delilah - Pinky
This sweet tranny is a frequent visitor but one who doesn’t want to risk being on Twitter. Delilah is very Year of the Pig. She only wears pink and like a little pig is greedy for lots of frills. Delilah also challenges @PrincessTST and me in her amazing ability to trash the Tranny Flat in seconds of trying to get dressed. Honestly, the place looks like a sty after she’s decided what to wear.
While Delilah is obedient to Mistress Scarlett Thorne, she does also have some domme-ing tendencies and she can be a little swine to slaves who cross her path when called in to help administer some much deserved punishment.
There is no other way to put this, but another Year of the Pig tendency is the noise she makes when Mistress is spit roasting her with a strap-on. Delilah grunts more than the infamous tennis player Monica Seles!
But we all love Delilah when she can join U/us and she is cute and perky and always fun to be around.
Pigs have a reputation for greed but they are also very generous with their swill and Delilah is constantly getting Mistress Scarlett Thorne the most delightful presents. She’s a fabulous little frilly.

Year of the Rat

@Rick_HBT Squeaky
Every house in the country has a rat, but there’s no need to put down the poison here or call the catcher (She’s done Her job!).
Rats are the most cunning and adaptable of all the zodiac creatures and there is no doubt that Rick falls into this category.
The story of the rat is that it is the first of the symbols because it won the race across the river called by the Chinese Emperor.  Realising it was not the fastest or strongest it hitched a lift on top of the Ox and jumped off ahead as they reached the bank, ensuring it came first. i somehow have visions of @Rick_HBT balancing on @FSlutMST‘s head all trussed up by Mistress @Scarlett_Thorne as FS tries to cross a river of gold.
‘Cunning’ means ‘clever’ in the case of this little squeaker. ’HBT’ as he’s known around the Tranny Flat has endeared himself to Mistress through his loyalty, ability to survive any drenching (rats are very good at that) and also by thoughtfully designing equipment. He is often scurrying in with useful items that he’s collected from the sorts of grubby places that only truly grubby minded horny rodents may visit.  He has brought Mistress items such as black shrink wrap and strange rubbery things that She always seems very pleased with. Bright slaves know that gifts are the quickest way to win favour, especially thoughtful ones.
As the @TrannyFlat‘s heavy bondage slave he has lived up to his rat nature to fit into the tightest and smallest of spaces and Mistress Scarlett Thorne constricts him more and more, as The Top Bitch of course loves catching Her rat.
HBT is brilliant at designing equipment for Mistress Scarlett Thorne to have made to make life in the Tranny Flat even more debauched and interesting. Mistress of course adores this and has told me before that she fantasises about many of the apparently terrible items of torture that Her and her HBT talk about.

Year of the Ox

@FSlutMST - The Man Bull
There are two of us here in the fabulous @TrannyFlat who are from the Chinese Year of the Ox and we both take different characteristics from being part of this year group. ‘F*ckSlut‘ or FS, as he is known here has the physical characteristics as well as the strength and stamina of the Ox. His astonishing ability at taking a pounding from Mistress Scarlett Thorne‘s largest strap-ons is legendary, not just amongst those that frequent the @TrannyFlat but amongst slaves generally.
Mistress Scarlett Thorne considers rugby and anything to do with rugby players to be Her ‘perfect porn‘, so FS with his Ox like physique would be a lead character in one of Her XXX flicks if she ever decided to make the movies of Her mind become films on every pervert’s iPad.
FS is a hard ‘man bull‘ to break, but when he is broken he collapses into a massive heap of muscle and sinew totally helpless to Mistress Scarlett Thorne‘s whims.
Like all Oxen, FS is dedicated to serving his Mistress and will keep going for hours, perhaps even days, weeks or months if called upon to do so. Though Mistress is vegetarian, she could be considered to be partial to a bit of this type of beefcake…

i am also Year of the Ox, but it is hard to write about my qualities or rather fails, so to celebrate my blog being moved to Mistress Scarlett Thorne‘s website, a great honour for me, She has generously agreed after much pleading, to write my profile here:

@DaniTallulah - The Silly Cow
Steadfast. Loyal, well paced and takes her time to digest things. It is said that those born in the year of the Ox are the perfect companion for those lucky enough to be born in the year of The Dog, such as Myself, Mistress Scarlett Thorne.
Dani is evidently the ultimate silly cow, always begging to be milked, hoping to graze on the ripe young shoots spouting from slaves and of course always lying down if I say it is likely to ‘rain’…
However dani demonstrates far more than just the ‘silly cow’ characteristics that may plague a gurl born in the year of the Ox. 
Dani paces herself.  She is extraordinarily hard working and plods along despite the often enormous rocks in the ground she is ploughing. She has a mental strength that I have seen in few Mistresses let alone maids, sluts or gurls and dani of course, looks fabulous in animal print. 
As an Ox, dani has the ability to daydream (almost continuously) whilst also getting on with her work, though like the ‘Silly Cow’ breed of Ox, dani does have a tendency to go off course if she is allowed to daydream too much.  
Whilst I do not condone animal cruelty in any way, shape or form, dani is one little cow that needs a damn good beating sometimes to keep her plodding on.
Like many silly cows, dani can get startled and start running around breaking boundaries and fences as she flees. Of course, with Me biting at her heels and herding her in the right direction dani is one silly cow that isn’t allowed to leave the lush pastures of the Tranny Flat too often.
Dani does have the ability to ‘plough on regardless’ and unfortunately a negative way that this can come across in, is her tendency to go on and on and ON about a subject.  Currently that is her obsession with shopping trips but it used to be about wanting to ‘please please be a working gurl’… She is now aware that she should be careful what she wishes as sometimes gurls get sent to slaughter and turned into Dog Food for Top Bitches such as Myself…

Year of the Tiger

@MsEmilyAnarchy - The Pussy Cat
Emily is my spiritual sister, who i have known since we were silly little boys. It was funny that neither of us realised until many years later that we had both wanted all along to be even sillier little girls.
Anybody who follows or knows Emily in either of her lives will know she is a tiger. Graceful, beautiful, sleek and deadly. She has been my inspiration since i first tentatively put on a PVC dress and dreamed of men wanting to have me.
Emily is incredibly artistic and talented. She has designed many of the graphics for @TrannyFlat and Mistress Scarlett Thorne.
Most of all her personality is that of the tiger. At points majestic and regal and other times ferocious and ravenous, especially when she is hunting her prey.
She is naturally dominant and a lone hunter who is happy to help the pride but prefers to stalk her prey alone.
The famous line “he who rides the tiger has only the tiger to fear” could have been written about my sister Emily and i can safely say a ride with her is an experience you will not easily forget.
Like the other poem Emily also “burns bright in the darkness of the night” especially if she is one of her debauched moods. Overall like most tigers she is dazzling and a real playful pussy cat at heart.
The thing i have learnt most from my tranny sister is that you need to be fearless. When she has her girl hair on there is nowhere she won’t go and nothing she won’t try if she wants to.
Tigers are first and foremost beautiful creatures and rare treasures in this world, which pretty much sums up Emily.

Year of the Rabbit

@TrannyFlat - The Warren of Debauchery
Some may question whether the Chinese zodiac affects places as well people and animals. Well it certainly does and moreover those of U/us that inhabit the Tranny Flat know this parlour of debauchery has its own life force bestowed on it by the creative and Goddess-like powers of Mistress Scarlett Thorne.
It is difficult to trace the Tranny Flat’s official birth but as a known entity it was probably properly created in the Year of the Rabbit. Indeed Mistress Scarlett Thorne’s very first commercial dungeon was also created in the Year of the Rabbit, only some twelve years prior to the creation of the Tranny Fat.
The Tranny Flat is essentially the warren where trannies and slaves can live their dreams in safety and the warmth of Mistress Scarlett Thorne‘s control. The debauchery which takes place there sometimes reflects the famous phrase “at it like rabbits” especially when Mistress Scarlett Thorne has Her strap on attached or the trannies are seeing admirers.
To a certain extent the @TrannyFlat is hidden and ‘underground‘ in the sense that only those who are allowed in by Mistress Scarlett Thorne can enter. But for those who do enter it becomes their true home.

@Anitafan1  – Duracell Bunny
An occasional but very welcome tranny visitor to the Tranny Flat, Amanda, as she is called here, is definitely a child of the Year of the Rabbit as her appetite for Scarlett Thorne‘s strap-on and tranny gangbangs is insatiable. She is the Duracell bunny, as Mistress Scarlett Thorne has called her, and then some!
A special playgurl-bunny treasured for her astounding ability for having her holes filled, Amanda is one rabbit who loves a bit of adventure. Imagine Watership Down with latex. She will travel far and wide for her fun which is what inevitably brings her to the epicentre of filth that is the Tranny Flat.
Like Playboy’s bunny girls Amanda also loves having her picture taken, usually in the middle of a tranny gangbang or when she is at the mercy of Mistress Scarlett Thorne.
There is nothing like the sight of Amanda’s little bottom bobbing up and down to the rhythm of Mistress Scarlett Thorne‘s pounding. This is one rabbit who likes to get shot in the arse!

Captain Awesome  - The Buck
Captain Awesome, also not on Twitter, is the name given to Mistress Scarlett Thorne‘s personal trainer whose amazing physique always makes Her trannies go weak at the knees.
Typical of the Year of the Rabbit, Captain Awesome is a real ‘kick ass buck’ who you wouldn’t want to mess with but could take any bunny he wants. And apparently often does.
As a personal trainer he is not adverse to lots of jumps and leaps and he likes his clients to go on a rabbit run…
Most rabbits are cute and Captain Awesome is no exception but he is by no means fluffy. Instead he has all the sinew and physique of the buck who has his choice of compliant does.
He is incredibly agile and hard to pin down, but when you do there is nothing he likes more than burrowing deep into a hole!

Year of the Dragon

Minestrone - Fire in the Hole
Minestrone is another sub not on Twitter but is worthy of mention as one of Mistress Scarlett Thorne‘s most loyal slaves who has served Her longer than almost any other.
Year of the Dragon is very appropriate because he has amassed a great wealth of debauched experience with Mistress Scarlett Thorne and is extremely passionate with a real fire in his belly.
He loves to spread his wings and try new experiences taking on different challenges and battles but always flies back to the same den or in this case the Tranny Flat.
One of his favourite activities is being drenched in food, a treat Mistress Scarlett Thorne delivers in both the Tranny Flat and bars and restaurants across London.
He has been quite literally christened Minestrone for his filthy habits, which Mistress Scarlett truly enjoys. However, now we know he is Year of the Dragon maybe he should become the famous Chinese ultra spicy Hot and Sour soup…the only problem with that is he is really quite sweet.
Fortunately Minestrone has avoided the negative dragon characteristics of scaly skin, a bad temper and awful breath! Only joking – Year of the Dragon people are sharp, sexy and capable of being very to the point.

Year of the Snake

@PrincessTST - The Quick Thinker
Despite my earlier jibe about this year, Princess is incredibly loyal and mostly obedient, so she is not a snake in the classic Garden of Eden sense. However, she is very good at leading people astray, specifically into the realms of naughtiness…i speak from experience (s) – they included six-ways and strip clubs but that’s another blog post…
Princess is a typical Year of The Snake character in that she is very intelligent, incredibly analytical and explicitly sharp. She is one of Mistress Scarlett Thorne‘s chief sources of advice and counsel on the very rare occasions that Mistress feels She needs a second opinion.
One of Princess’s great snake like skills is the ability to notice the smallest details that need to be improved upon. Princess is one naughty little sissy that is incredibly focussed, and she can have a killer sissy instinct.
Second to Mistress Scarlett Thorne, Princess is the one person in the @TrannyFlat who you would least want to cross.  The venom of her anger may take time to take its effect but it can be quite lethal. But speaking from the perspective of a friend, I can honestly say there is no little viper that is better at protecting you in your hour of need than Mistress Scarlett Thorne‘s @PrincessTST!

@johnlovesmeddaThe Water Serpent
The gentleman of @TrannyFlat is the second Year of the Snake denizen.
John displays different snake characteristics to @PrincessTST but like her he shares a deep intelligence which underpins everything that he is.
John is incredibly wise and willing to bide his time with a keen patience which is unnerving for those who do not know him.
When he makes up his mind he acts instantly and decisively uncoiling and springing like a snake snatching its prey. His sense of humour is as sharp as a snake’s forked tongue, as can often be seen on twitter when he strikes with his rapier wit.
Snakes are food for dogs in the wild and he helps nourish Mistress Scarlett Thorne with his presence in the Tranny Flat. His witty jibes and exceptional ability to trash the place when serving Mistress have kept me out of trouble and in a job on more than one occasion.
Mistress is most fond of this sexy viper and She declared with veritable glee on discovering that @johnlovesmeddai was Year of the Snake that She “believed him to be a water serpent rather than a land snake”.  I suspect Mistress was insinuating that this snake likes to slither in a very particular type of river!

Year of the Horse

Traci - The Mare
What sort of sissy stable would the Tranny Flat be without a gurl from the Year of the Horse?
Traci is the perfect little mare for Mistress Scarlett Thorne‘s stable. Sexy, sleek, toned and a real little show pony. She likes a ‘bit in her mouth‘ as well as to have her mane ruffled and grabbed onto whilst being ridden!
In fact there was no surprise that Traci is a child of the Year of the Horse because there is nothing she likes more than being ridden hard – whether it is a Mistress Scarlett Thorne‘s strap-on or a man’s cock. Like a proper horse she can keep going for hours if needs be.
Typical of the mare that she is, Traci is much better when she is in a harness and being controlled by her rider. She may have a big appetite for the delights of the Tranny Flat, but she is properly domesticated and like most equine creatures very reliable and sensible.
As a Year of the Horse person, Traci has a really sweet placid side as well as the ability to ride with the herd or to be directed by her owner.
She is also very good at being trained and but if she is in a mood she can be a nightmare and can deliver one hell of a verbal clip.
However, she takes her punishment from Mistress Scarlett Thorne well and, of course, she is always beaten with a crop.

Year of the Sheep/ Ram/ Goat

@jaderope - The Tetherers
@jaderope is the name of an Antipodean couple who were regular social visitors and guests to the Tranny Flat before heading home Down Under. They will always be spiritually part of the Tranny Flat and are due to visit it again as dear friends of Mistress Scarlett Thorne later this year.
Their expertise with ropes and knots led to speculation that they were really Year of the Monkey people who like to ‘swing‘ around on ropes and get themselves into knots all day! After careful checks it turns out that they are both definitely Year of the Goat people which is also known as Year of the Sheep or Ram. Neither of these two are part of the herd and they are both very independently minded. This means that the Goat or Ram is a far better symbol for them.
Typical of a goat they will reach great heights in getting their fun and, as i mentioned earlier, they have a penchant for swinging and like a gruff little goats they are always quite horny!
Jade Rope’s amazing products make knots that are as stubborn and even more immovable than goats in a particularly obstinate mood! i  say that as one who has been tied up with many lengths of their ropes and i assure you they are the best on the market.
JadeRope could be perceived as Goatherds with their ability to tether people in a way that there is no escape, a skill much appreciated and admired by Mistress Scarlett Thorne.
Fortunately though for all us trannies who store our things in the Tranny Wardrobe of Doom, neither of JadeRope has the goat like tendency of eating clothes!
But like all goats in their down time, these two are adventurous and agile and will travel far for their fun. W/we look forward to their imminent return and wish them their best year yet!.

Year of the Monkey

Dotty - The Best Little Tranny Trooper
If Mistress Scarlett Thorne has a favourite plaything i get a sneaking feeling it may be Her lovely slave Dotty who is truly treasured by Mistress, causes vast amounts of mess for me to clear up after sessions and puts the rest of us to shame by bringing the most thoughtful gifts.
There was some surprise that Dotty is Year of the Monkey, but again with a little thought it makes sense.
True, Dotty likes to play (A LOT!), but one of the other characteristics of the monkey is their loyalty to to the troop (that’s what you call a group of monkeys). A monkey will have a lifelong partner. Dotty displays these traits a lot, especially in her total loyalty and devotion to Scarlett Thorne over many years, which has made her so appreciated by Mistress.
i always suspect that if Dotty had a more flexible job she would be the number one maid or Scarlett’s full time companion in the Tranny Flat, not me, because her complete obedience to Mistress Scarlett Thorne is difficult to match. At least then she could clean up her own mess! Or perhaps it’s Mistress that makes the mess…. (Oh! I hope Mistress doesn’t read that!) The dungeon after one of Dotty’s amazing sessions with Mistress makes your average monkey cage look positively pristine.
Dotty is always climbing around the jungle that is London to find a special gift for Mistress Scarlett Thorne and shows the tremendous imagination and mental agility to come up with something new and interesting each time.
Monkey troops adhere to a strict hierarchy and Dotty is no exception. There is no doubt that over the years she has probably been Mistress Scarlett Thorne‘s best little tranny trooper and Mistress was very happy to tell Me that ‘Dotty is year of the monkey dani and I’m looking forward to testing how much she likes bananas!’

Veggie Delivery Boy - Banana Man
This is a real person not on Twitter but is a regular in @TrannyFlat although he does have a habit of getting into trouble with Mistress.
At heart he is clearly a child of the Year of the Monkey. Veggie Delivery Boy loves nothing more than to play and play hard. He has the amazing agility and flexibility of a monkey and the barrel chest of a gorilla, although a good deal less hair. If he had been as hairy as a gorilla he would have discovered Mistress Scarlett Thorne‘s penchant for torturing slaves with waxing strips.
There is nothing he enjoyed more than sticking somebody’s banana in his mouth, usually one of Mistress’ lucky trannies. In return for their fun he was also very kind to Mistress Scarlett Thorne‘s trannies paying for them to be used by other men and buying them vodka and lemonade.

Year of the Rooster

@dicklet - The Little Pecker
Dicklet’s name name suggests she may not be that well suited to being the Year of the Cock, although i have her never seen her minus trousers!
However, ‘she’ is very much a Year of the Chicken! She is no coward, quite the reverse, but she is a tranny to the core. Dicklet wants nothing more than to display her feathers and puff out an ample chest.
She clucks around wanting everything to be just right. She is very loyal to the other birds in the chicken run.
Perhaps unlike real chickens, dicklet also loves a good roasting and stuffing which of course she always gets from Mistress Scarlett Thorne when she flies back to the Tranny Flat coup.
As my friend and one not short of advice and warnings i can say she is not adverse to a bit of henpecking either but of course she wants nothing more than to be henpecked by Mistress Scarlett Thorne.

@charliepap - The Spiritual Guide
Charlie or ‘Yi Quai’, to give him his proper spiritual name, regularly frequents the Tranny Flat not as a slave or sissy or a client but as a dear friend of Mistress Scarlett Thorne.
He has very different characteristics of the Rooster to @dicklet in that he is not as concerned with his plumage, but he is nevertheless typical of his zodiac year.
Yi Quai is the spiritual guide of the Tranny Flat and advisor to Mistress Scarlett Thorne and Her trannies on all matters to do with the soul, the spirit and the path to Nirvana. He is also very artistic in what he does for a living.
While he will roost for hours on end, when in action he will run hither and thither and his peck is extremely accurate and sharp. He is the dearest friend to Mistress Scarlett Thorne and proves that even though Her bite that can savage any creature, a wise rooster is in fact the best feathered friend for the Top Bitch of the Tranny Flat.

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