Friday, 20 January 2012

Adventures with a Butt Plug (part 3) - a guide to doing it yourself

Butt plugs can play a great part in a full session with a Mistress as a means of stretching you for a full strap-on f***ing or part of a whole miriad of tortures being inflicted on your body. Scarlett Thorne is particularly fond of shoving electric butt plugs up into Her slaves which certainly gives you a buzz and the old leap and yelp as the dial gets turned up and down.

However, the great thing about a butt plug, as mentioned in previous posts, is that it is something you can take out of the dungeon to yourself or even in a none BDSM context if you just have an enjoyment of feeling that you are getting f***ed, although trust me it is not nearly the same as the real thing.

i first experienced self buggeration - i think that's probably the term - with a butt plug as "homework" set by Mistress Scarlett Thorne as part of my whore training. Doing the odd session every month was not good enough to stretch me properly and the body does readjust back over time. As anybody who has followed my butt plug adventures on Twitter will know i have had great fun despite the trials and tribulations i outlined in my last Butt Plu Epic post.

But to do it properly, get the enjoyment, not injure yourself and not end up being publicly embarrassed you need to do it right and in the right place. For this reason part 3 deals with how to put a butt plug up your own arse, after all Mistress should have to be constantly bothered by you, She should feel She can just instruct you to do it.

1. Get your equipment.

Necessary items: Butt plug, condoms, lube
Useful extras: Poppers, a thong and a pair of large panties

Make sure the butt plug is the right size. Initially you will probably need advice and a Mistress can advise you on this, but over time you will know. In my case Scarlett Thorne lent me a butt plug but normally you would need to go to a sex, gay or tranny shop or get one off the internet. In terms of size it must be big enough to stretch you and feel invasive buty small enough to fit in without causing injury.

Condoms are easily picked up from pharmacists and are necessary for health and cleanliness reasons. You can also get lubricant from pharmacists, personally i use the one supplied by Boots which is reasonably priced and effective.

Poppers can be got from gay and tranny bars, clubs and shops as well sex shops. They are Alkyl Nitrates which come in small bottles and are sniffed to enhance sexual feeling, but more importantly to relax your anal muscles. With these you can usually go for a bigger size of butt plug.
Warning: Handle with care. Do not drop the liquid on your skin or clothes because it will burn and scar you.

Thong and panties can be picked up from clothes stores obviosly. They are useful for keeping a butt plug in.

2. Find an appropriate location

Unless you live alone or have a partner who shares your interests do not do it at home. Instead this is something that can easily be done at work if you are careful, especially office based jobs.

i always do the operation as such in a cubicle in one of the quieter toilets.

i have also used a butt plug in a hotel room when i've been away and i've used it on a train which was a particularly enjoyable experience. Again on the train i stuck the BP my arse in a toilet cublicle, which was quite challenging but worth it.

3. Preparation

So you are in a quiet place, probably a toilet, you have all the necessary equipment and a re ready to go.

*Strip down below the waste, take off your shoes, trousers (if you're in normal vanilla clothes) and underwear.

*If you have poppers take them now. Sniff it very hard two or three times, at least once in each nostrel but no more. You may need to sniff later but this stuff does kill your brain cells so don't over use. Be careful not to spill any liquid, put the lid back on tightly and then place the bottle in a safe place. Waiti a minute for the effect to begin.

*Put a condom on the butt plug stretching it down so it fully covers the base. If you intend to have it there for more than an hour then put two condoms on. This is to keep the butt plug clean, protect you from germs. Condoms are after all disposable.

*Spread lube over the butt plug starting from the tip where it should be heaviest. The tip is the after all the first point of contact.

*Spread some lub on your own anus and push it in a bit. Do not over use the lube because it could slip out.

*Stick a finger or two into your anus, move them around as a little bit of early stretching.

4. Insertion

*Spread your legs and bend forward. There is a little debate about this, but i find it helps.

*Start taking deep and regular breaths and try to relax your muscles.

*Push the butt plug in gently.

*If it reaches a point of resistance (it should) pull it out and then push it back in again. Keep doing this while breathing deeply because it will allow you to open up to accept it.

*After a few times of putting it in and pulling out, push the butt plug in all the way and push hard at the end. This may hurt a little.

*Stand still for a few moments to allow the butt plug to settle into place. Keep taking deep breaths.

*Clamp your muscles around the butt plug and make sure it is properly in.

5. Securing the butt plug in place.

*If you have a thong put it on and pull it up as far as possible and it will help hold the butt plug there.

*Then put on the bigger panties, if you have them, which literally act as a safety net.

*Afterward, if you are not in tranny clothes, put on your boxer short sn or other man underwear over the top. Then put on your trousers if you are wearing them.

NB Obviously in many ways it is easier to use a butt plug if you are trannied up in a dress. The thong and panties are not necessary but are advisable especially for those who are new to this sort of thing. A butt plug dropping out at work or in public can be pretty embarrassing.

6. Removing the butt plug

This can be surprisingly difficult, especially after it has been in for a while. Sometimes it is ready to just slip out but actually i often find it more painful to remove. The muscles have often clamped hard around it and are unwilling to let go. You can pull it out and try not to yelp, but here is an easier suggestion.

*Squat slightly or just sit on a toilet.

*Put your hand underneath you and hold on to the base of the butt plug.

*Use your muscles to push as if you were having a shit and pull the butt plug. It should come out quite easily with just a little pain.

*There will almost be shit on the butt plug unless you have had an enema, which is unlikely if you have put it in at work or outside a dungeon. So wipe the shit off with toilet paper and throw it in the toilet.

*Then remove the condoms.

*Wrap the condoms in paper or tissue and throw them away discretely in a bin.

*Put the butt plug in a bag with the other gear and hide it properly in a safe place preferably with a lock. A work locker is ideal.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Adventures with a butt plug (part 2) - trials and tribulations

Let me set out the context to this part of the butt plug epic by being absolutely clear - having a butt plug shoved up your arse is NOT supposed to be just fun (even though a lot of us derive a huge amount of perverted pleasure from it).

In the BDSM context at least, when a Mistress rams a butt plug up your jacksy (and most are not particularly gentle) or tells you to do it to yourself the point of the exercise is that it is an invasion of your body.

While it is not rape by any means it is a sustained intrusion which your body will try to fight against.

And if it is not hurting then it is too small. i write this as the point of the butt plug currently inserted into me feels as though it is burrowing deeper into my body as it is forced further in through the weight of my body sat on a chair.

The Mistress i proudly serve, Scarlett Thorne, is very careful in terms of not causing any injury but will take you to your physical limit and extend it. But even though She is considerate by Domme standards there have been occasions when my clothes have been soaked in sweat and i have been left shaking because of the pain and effort required in having a butt plug inserted forcibly by Her. Having said that i quite liked being left in that state, but i get a kick from being abused.

So while i will dwell on the pleasures and benefits of using a butt plug in another part of the BP epic this piece is about the challenges of having an impliment stuck inside you potentially for hours and the difficulties you need to overcome.

i could write about the horrendous injuries which can be caused by misuse of these items and trying to go far to big or hard with them. i won't but will say if you want to avoid serious internal injuries or a ripped sphincter then be sensible about size and build up slowly.

Instead, i will concentrate on the minor challenges which actually can be fun in themselves but need to be dealt with if you are to take your butt plug training seriously.

1. Downfall - the butt plug falls out

i begin with a little story.

A close friend of mine, who can take pretty large butt plugs and strap-ons, had just had a new one inserted by Mistress Scarlett Thorne which appeared to have been lodged in quite tightly. But on his return to work as he was passing the security guard in the foyer he felt it slipping and before he could shout 'oops I need the toilet' the butt plug had come out and fallen right down his trouser leg and, much to his embarrassment, onto the floor in front of the highly amused security guard.

In these circumstances i recommend the 'I was doing it for a bet' line because there isn't much more you can say.

It has to be said that because i work in a particularly sensitive place where i could not get away with such a mishap this is one of my greatest fears. There have been many occasions my hand has clamped my backside or i've run into the toilet because i could feel slippage.

There are several reasons why it comes out. First, it may be too small and second you may have used far too much lube (my ususal problem). Third, though is that the body will defend itself even against your wishes. When i first used butt plugs in sessions they used to pop out quickly because my body was essentially rejecting them.

There are ways to deal with it though. Mistress Scarlett Thorne, when She sends me out with a butt plug in, will put first a G-string on me to hold it in and then larger panties to catch it, should a mishap happen.

Another way is to learn to clamp your muscles to hold it in. This comes witrh practice and you can also teach your body to suck it in too rather than push it out.

2. Walking

Related to the fallout issue, walking is a problem, particularly up stairs. Not only does it increase the risk of losing the butt plug in public, but actually having one lodged inside you generally makes walking a little more painful and definitely slows you down.

The one thing i would say is that it is great for deportment. You are far less likely to be hunched if you have a butt plug in you. It makes you straighten your back and walk with small steps in a careful unrushed manner. In other words it makes you walk in a far more ladylike manner which is one reason all trannies should practice walking with a butt plug rammed firmly up their arse.

3. Concentration

As i said i'm writing this blog with a butt plug inside me, partly to help live the expeierience while i'm doing it rather just remembering a feeling. However, there is a problem and that is that it is very hard to concentrate with something bordering between pleasure and pain moving around in you.

Normally you are not aware of how much you do move in your seat but you are with a butt plug and it means your focus inevitably goes to what is happing inside you both the discomfort and the pleasure.

Also the way sometimes (if it is large enough and pointing at the right spot) it makes you want to cum and if you are in chastity like me you are wrestling with yourself to stop that from happening.  Unfortunately 'sorry Mistress it was the buttt plug that did it' is not an excuse Dommes are willing to accept even if they know it might be true. i once seriously annoyed Scarlett Thorne when She f***ed me hard with a strap on and and it the spot leading to a lot of involuntary mess without Her permission.

Anyway imagine being screwed by somebody and trying to do something else at the same time. Not easy, but you have to learn to multi-task. This comes with practice, just about.

4. Out, out damn spot...

Stains do happen as a result of using a butt plug, especially if it is out of session and you're wearing normal clothes. Part of this is lube running out of your hole and then think where it's shoved up. i shall get on to this aspect shortly.

There is also the issue of minor abbrasions on your hole or from the skin inside you as a result of putting the butt plug in. If you see a little blood don't worry but do give yourself a break from using the butt plug for a day at least. If blood is pouring out get to a hospital asap!

5. Shit happens!

As i said just remember where the butt plug goes... what normally comes out of butts? OK it seems bloody obvious but actually you would be surprised how little people think about this problem before the thing is plunged into their darks depths.

For starters, one of the intended effects of the butt plug is after all to loosen up its user. This means that your muscles and cavity walls are not as tight as they were before it entered you. The result is that it actually harder to control when you shit. i have found that while i have a butt plug inside there have been times i have urgently need to run to the loo because it has evffectively opened the way for what was coming out more slowly before.

Another friend of mine told me he stopped for a while using butt plugs and strap-ons because he had got to such a large size he was finding it hard to control his shits. i have heard of people having to use nappies, not for kinky adult baby reasons but to stop them shitting themselves.

But well before that happens to the body one of the great discomforts of a butt plug is when two opposite and equal forces meet each other inside and you have a butt plug and shit pushing against one another. It is painful. When this happens you have to be careful when you remove the butt plug and clean it.

i should add that if you have a dodgy stomach, don't use a butt plug unless your Mistress is in a cruel mood and orders it. The butt plug will make the problem much worse by opening you up and you will be pulling it out, cleaning it, clearing yourself and then shoving it back in lots of times.

All this also means it is essential to cover your butt plug with at least one condom, probably two to keep it clean. This is important for your general health as well and you should nevertheless still clean the butt plug after use.

There are ways to avoid this. First, go to the loo beforehand and force yourself to shit. Alternatively you can take the butt plug out when you do need to shit and then put it back. This second way often happens to me and is a waste of good lube which isn't cheap.

However, the best thing to do is to have a full enema or douche before using the butt plug. This is virtually impossible to do at work and may be done at homwe if you live alone or with an understanding partner. But it does take time and really needs to be adminstered by somebody else. Mistress Scarlett Thorne does it to me before sessions, usually when i'm going to get whore training with a strap-on. Nobody wants to deal with a lot of shit when that's happening.

Hope you enjoyed this latest part of the Butt Plug Epic. There is more to come shortly probably on what you need to do to insert it yourself and then on how to enjoy it.

If you need any help and advice on being a tranny or a sub then contact me on or on Twitter through @DaniTallulah.

Friday, 6 January 2012

A survival guide for double lives (4) - buried tribute

Happy New Year sweeties! Sorry i haven't been tweeting much lately but it was a manic festive period between maiding for Mistress Scarlett Thorne and my vanilla life family and work duties.

Eventually i will get round to writing up the rest of the butt plug epic, although rather sadly i haven't had much butt plug action lately. But i have had a request to provide some advice on hiding the tribute payments to Mistresses for sessions etc.

As those of you who serve Superiors know, service tribute is not a small matter that can be easily accounted for, although the cost is perfectly reasonable for the chance to spend quality session time with a Domme. Typically the payment, which is made to support a Mistress's lifestyle and should never be mistaken for whoring, will be £200 for an hour.

So if you have a particularly nosy and naturally suspicious partner in your vanilla life who goes through your accounts hiding these payments, especially if they are regular, can be tricky.

In the post Christmas period when things are tight as most of us are feeling the pinch from the economic situation anyway this is perhaps the time to be most careful.

Here are some suggestions:

1. The secret credit card
i have mentioned this in an earlier blog. Barclaycard certainly do paperless accounts with online statements as do others. Take it out without telling your other half and draw money from it.
To stop an audit trail pay it off with cas at the bank and also make sure you keep up with payments because otherwise you'll get a warning letter sent to your home.

2. Cash back
This is a top idea from my good friend @PrincessTST. Basically every time you make a purchase at Tesco or another supermaret, or anywhere which offers cash back take an extra £20. This way the money just looks like part of the payment to the shop.
While a bit fiddly it is the most fool proof method of hiding your transactions. It can also be the means of getting the money to pay back your secret credit card debt.

3. Bank machines
Another way is to take out extra money to put aside over a spread of days before the session when you go to a bank machine. This is something i do quite regularly, you put the money aside and it doesn't look that suspicious.

4. Invent a regular payment
You can persuade your partner that something in your work life needs a regular cas payment which is why the money goes out. Personally i've used money for paymets on a property i rent out as an excuse and usually this sees off searching questions.

5. Make an alternative payment arrangement
You can offer to pay a Mistress's advertising, gym or other costs which come up as what looks like legitimate payments on credit/ debit cards. If you're really clever you might be able to claim the back on tax or expenses, something i've done in the past.

Of course, if you are the sort off well off person for whom taking out large wads of cash is perfectly normal then this advice is not much use, but for most of us keeping these costs hidden is essential to protecting your double life.

If you are a tranny or a sub in need of help or advice then either email me at or tweet me on @DaniTallulah