Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Do i need to sign my life away to Mistress on the dotted line?

Easily the best present i received for Christmas (it feels a long time ago now) was a lovely surprise from Mistress Scarlett Thorne which was the complete 50 Shades of Grey trilogy that i have been slowly ploughing through, although the beautiful little list pad She also bought me to help remember my chores etc might have been even better...

Anyway, back to the point, 50 Shades of Grey, is despite some of the sneering criticisms, a thoroughly enjoyable read even if the Dom/sub relationship is the wrong way round. i have a philosophical and biological problem with the concept of male Dominants as someone who believes in Female superiority.

But one of the issues that came up early in the book is when the heroine, Anastasia Steele, is introduced to the Dominant billionaire Christian Grey's kinky world. What happens is he presents her with a contract. What's slightly concerning is that it is essentially a legal contract to protect the two of them like a pre-nup but swapping marriage for different kinds of pain and chains!

i have to say that i found the details of the contract quite a turn off but this is because it was clearly aimed at protecting Grey against breach of privacy and consequences of the D/s relationship. But it did get me wondering if having to sign a contract to "legally" give my life to Mistress Scarlett Thorne might actually be something worth doing, at least symbolically.

i was reminded of it again this last week when i helped Mistress in a session with another sissy slave. The sissy had presented Mistress Scarlett Thorne with a little book with a very touching dedication to Her and a contract at the end. A lot of effort had gone into it was a lovely tribute to Mistress Scarlett Thorne, so in no way do i want to demean the sissy's efforts or others who produce things like that for a Domme, because that sort of behaviour should be encouraged and i know it was greatly appreciated by Mistress Thorne. However, if the sissy produced the contract because she thought it was necessary i think i would have to say she doesn't yet fully understand the nature of a Domme's ownership over a slave.

Having said this i know some Dommes make their slaves sign contracts so i started to mull over what a contract between Mistress Scarlett Thorne and me might look like....

Contract of Servitude of DaniTallulah (nee...) to Mistress Scarlett Thorne of the Tranny Flat, London

1. DT will obey every instruction from MST when it is given without question.

2. DT will accept that she is always in the wrong, MST is always right.

3. DT will accept that she takes responsibility for anything that goes wrong in the Tranny Flat and anything else MST decides she should take responsibility for.

4. DT will accept any punishment from MST without question and submit to it at the moment MST wishes to inflict or for the period MST decides.

5. DT will accept that she is only permitted in the Tranny Flat with MST permission and/ or instruction.

6. DT will receive only the pay and remuneration decided by MST, waives her right to the minimum wage, and accepts that she may not get paid at all.

7. DT agrees to contribute to the costs of the Tranny Flat through her work as a whore on a cut decided at the time by MST which can be up to 100 per cent of the takings.

8. DT agrees to pay a debt of a sum of money, currently standing at more than £1 billion, to MST at an interest rate to be decided, modified and known by MST only.

9. DT's main duties are cleaning the Tranny Flat, whoring and whatever MST decides they need to be.

10. DT accepts that if she does not anticipate MST's wishes before they are given to her then she can be punished subject to what MST decides.

11. DT will help buy supplies for the Tranny Flat.

12. DT accepts that MST has no obligation to her in any respect and under any circumstances.

13. DT accepts that ALL secrets belong to MST.

14. DT accepts that all property and moneys she holds belongs to MST.

15. DT must never complain about anything ever.

16. DT agrees that all her work must be aimed at benefiting and promoting MST.

17. The copyright of anything produced by DT belongs to MST.

18 . DT accepts that MST holds the rights to her body, mind and soul.

19. DT's service can be terminated and restarted at any time without notice by MST.

20. DT always remembers the golden rule: "Serving MST is a privilege not a right and must WORK HARDER and SUFFER MORE to deserve it".

Frankly, i could have gone on, but those 20 points provide a fair summary of the conditions of my servitude to the top London Mistress Scarlett Thorne. And i can tell you they are more than worth it!

The trouble is that contracts often come with rights as well as duties which is odd for a slave. But mine would be:

1. MST accepts that while She can beat DT when She wants She cannot leave lasting marks.

2. MST agrees never to breach DT's privacy in her other life.

3.  MST agrees not to reveal DT's identities without prior agreement.

Those essentially are my protections and rights if what we have were boiled down to terms and conditions. i could expect nothing more.

While it would symbolically have some value in signing my life away in a contract, a bit like having a collar, the duties, the terms i have outlined exist already in the lifestyle relationship i already enjoy serving Mistress Scarlett Thorne. So is there a point to a contract?

i cannot see one really standing up to scrutiny in a court of law. If hypothetically Mistress Scarlett Thorne caused me serious injury and somehow it ended up in court (it would not because i would never press charges but i know of slaves who have) then i cannot imagine there being a BDSM contract that would provide much of a defence.

If at some point i became free of my other life and was able to go full time as Mistress Scarlett Thorne's maid, PA, slave, sub or whatever (my dream) and live with Her, handing over all my property then i could see the need for a contract to protect me financially against it all going wrong and being thrown out on to the streets with nothing. Even then my faith in Her might make me think twice about a contract but that is the only circumstance i can imagine ever wanting one.

Even on a symbolic level i would question its value because it becomes THE point of reference. If you can tolerate me being pretentious for a moment i will explain why.

As somebody who has an interest in political theory, what we have here is the difference between the US written constitution and the British unwritten constitution. The American constitution was wonderful in its protection of basic rights such as the pursuit of happiness, but has no flexibility. So now it needs to ban guns the constitutional protection of the right to bear arms is a problem. The British system is not so great at protecting rights or setting anything in stone, but it has changed and adapted with time and circumstance and is extremely flexible.

The terms of my lifestyle arrangement with Mistress Scarlett Thorne have been just like the British unwritten constitution, they have grown and changed with time as W/we have got to know each other better and circumstances have changed. Sometimes those changes have been obvious, sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes through necessity, sometimes through Mistress' whims, sometimes though my failings.

After all if there had been a contract when Mistress Scarlett Thorne suddenly worked out i owed Her hundreds of millions of pounds it might have been a little awkward. But without a contract She was just able to impose Her will.

And here's the ridiculous scenario that may arise if there was a contract.

MST: dani why haven't You obeyed My instructions this morning? BAD MAID!

DT: Well Mistress, i would have obeyed them, but if You note clause 6 of the contract sub-section 1a  part vii it says clearly that my duties are limited to certain areas which do not cover the instructions You gave me this Mistress i know You are angry and intend to beat me with that giant candle stick but if You note clause 7 sub-section 2d part xii of O/our contract You would realise that You can't do that because...

i think most of you realise that the thrashing i would receive after that would render a contract pretty worthless!

Essentially anything that gives the sub even a modicum of power in the relationship seems to be a waste of time. The point of being a sub is learning to give power away and the point of being a Domme is understanding how to use and balance power over somebody.

So even a symbolic contract is limiting, it prevents the Domme and sub expanding their horizons and trying new things. at worst it becomes the point of reference and a cause of argument which in the end i suspect would undermine not support a D/s relationship.

Frankly, the process of a Domme taking ownership over somebody and the slave allowing it to happen is a much more profound and altering experience of transformation than any piece of paper could possibly convey.

i hesitate to use religious analogies but when Jesus called his disciples and completely changed who they were he did not ask St Peter and the rest to sign on the dotted line...."all payments deferred until the afterlife..." The apostles needed faith  and devotion which actually that is mostly what is needed by a sub who surrenders him or herself to a Dominant.

When it comes down to it Mistress Scarlett Thorne put me through a much more imaginative and interesting ritual to "sign my life away" when She baptised me in  a bath of Her own piss and gave me a new name which began my new life. It was akin to a religious experience and i have been bound to Her ever since as a tranny and Her slave but it was only a beginning of a process which has no end. Mistress has changed me physically and psychologically, She has trained me and broken me, She has found new ways to control me and each step has seen my bond to Her deepen and strengthen. She has gradually taken ownership of my mind, body and soul and reshaped me to suit Her needs.

In the end what is essential is not signing on the dotted line, but complete mutual trust which no contract can be a substitute for or even create by itself. That has what has developed between Mistress Thorne and me and is the foundation for everything else. The hardest moments in the relationship have come when there has been a break down in trust.

Of course, having rubbished contracts, if the fabulous Mistress Scarlett Thorne makes me sign one they will actually be the best thing ever.

Anyway contract or no contract there is nothing more i want from life or even the afterlife than to be allowed to serve Mistress Scarlett Thorne.

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