Sunday, 28 February 2016

Lent - the original diet plan

This is a blog first publushed by Mistress Scarlett Thorne on Her website where you can read many more exciting BDSM news and ideas as well as find out about Mistress Herself!

Yay! It’s Lent the time of year when that post-Christmas diet properly kicks in and all the good intentions of those New Year promises can actually be realised.
Mistress Scarlett Thorne takes Lent very seriously and doesn’t just expect but demands that Her slaves give something up and She Herself always gives up something for the period running up to Easter. i think this is partly solidarity but also because Mistress Herself is a very spiritual person who constantly seeks to improve Herself (even though it is very hard to improve perfection).
So earlier this week while i was on my knees scrubbing Her kitchen floor Mistress came and told me what i was to give up this year. i am extremely lucky in this respect because Mistress is always thoughtful and always goes out of Her way to think up ways to improve me and every year i have served Her She has decided something i should give up for Lent.
This year Mistress has ordered me to stop having sugar in coffee or tea and only use sweeteners and to help me out giving up alcohol has banned me from going into bars and drinking at home or in the Tranny Flat.
As usual She has, after careful thought, come up with exactly what i need. She always believes that it is better to give up one or two things and do it properly. In this case cutting down on sugar and alcohol will help me lose even more weight and generally be healthier. As Mistress says i am no good to Her if i am dead or too ill to work.
Mistress Herself is giving up crisps and chocolate to lead a healthier lifestyle and show through the strength of Her resolve what Her slaves should do.
In addition She has decided W/we should give something away to charity every day of Lent because generosity and giving are important virtues (i am just hoping She doesn't decide to give away all my dresses and shoes...).
Some of you may think though what a Dominatrix and Her maid are doing getting involved in an ancient religious festival which has its origins thousands of years ago when Moses led the children of Israel out of slavery.
Well it may come as a surprise to some but the Tranny Flat is a very “religious” place and both Mistress Scarlett Thorne and i are in different ways very spiritual people. Admittedly it is kind of that “old time religion” of Bible bashing (literally Mistress hitting me with a big Bible), understanding the importance of suffering and chastity, humility and humiliation, and worship of a Superior being (although Mistress never refers to Herself as a Goddess most people who know Her think She is).
Actually, personally, i have always been a religious person and have always genuinely believed that everybody has a spark of God in them and some special people project it far more than others. This is why i’ve never felt any contradiction or guilt about worshiping Scarlett Thorne who in Her own way has made me understand my true female and submissive self better and as a result healed my soul too. For me a Person doing God’s work helps people reconnect with themselves and fulfil their potential and that is what Mistress Scarlett has done for me and many, many other slaves. We should all be grateful that such a Superior even gives us the time of day.
But that is just an aside. Lent is a time of year when you as slaves can show your desire to dedicate yourselves more to the Mistress you serve and also improve yourselves in the process and suffer. What more could you hope for?
I know Mistress Scarlett Thorne would like to hear about what Her slaves and dedicated followers are giving up for Lent so you should Tweet Her with your ideas on @Scarlett_Thorne.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The descent of man and rise of the girl (Chapter 3)

Previously...I told you how Mistress Scarlett Thorne had taken me under Her wing and started to reshape me from a rather mediocre male to a fabulous gurl. She had already got me to start helping Her in sessions and then taken me to a club in London where men were able to use me as they wished...but this was not the end, not even the end of the beginning.

The trip to Sweet Wednesday's in London had been a turning point in my life. Through the way my mouth and bum hole was used with abandon by men who were only interested in their own satisfaction had made me think completely differently about myself. Mistress had me in chastity already which had mean I was trying to forget about the desire to cum and now She had ensured that I understood my body asd a means for others to get their pleasure from me and not the other way round.
In business terms I was no longer a client but a service provider I just didn't believe that anybody would pay me for it. But I relished the idea of men forcing themselves into me and spent hours daydreaming of being gangbanged over and over again.
But was it just a fantasy? As I've said in the previous chapters all this is the truth it really happened and what happened next is no invention.
The final stage in my "re-education" came some weeks after the trip to Sweet Wednesday's when Mistress Scarlett ordered me to go to a party organised by Her amazing friends Mistress Vanessa and Mistress Gemma in another dungeon in central London.
From the moment I entered the dungeon and put on a tight red and black PVC dress it quickly became obvious that I was not one of the ordinary slaves paying to be entertained for the night.No instead I was part of the entertainment they were paying for.
It didn't take long for Mistress Scarlett to pull me into a room with several men and tell me to start sucking their cocks. It was an order that broached no discussion or debate. As I got on my knees and started taking cocks of all shapes and sizes in my mouth she made an announcement.
"Dani is here to suck cock," She said. "Whenever you want to use her then you just ask her and she WILL obey."
Sopon after Mistress Vanessa came and pulled me to my feet. It wasn't a rescue mission. she had a slave tied up who She wanted sucked off.
And so four hours of cock after cock after cock began. It was a blur. I remember standing in a circle of men and having to go round one by one.
There was a lovely slave called Jay with an enormous tool who took a real fancy to me and I ended up licking, sucking and blowing his shaft for ages. He was such a gentleman complimenting how I looked and my abilities as a cocksucker as I serviced him.
But it wasn't only my mouth which was to get used. The evening ended with my bum hole getting pummeled in a seven person gangbang which ended up with me at the bottom of a pyramid with Mistress Scarlett finishing me off with Her strap on.
At the end of the night I thought I would have to pay like all the other slaves for attending.
But Mistress Scarlett said: "Don't worry dear. You worked hard tonight, well done. You don't have to pay."
Then She sat me down and looked seriously at me.
"I want you to start earning money," She said. "Men really like you and you look really good now."
The decision had been made! She had made it and changed my life forever.
A few weeks later my Christmas present from Mistress Scarlett was my own website and She then ordered me to pay for some advertising online. My life as a working gurl had begun...

To be continued...

Monday, 22 February 2016

A slave's love

This is a poem i wrote trying to express my love as a slave for Mistress Scarlett Thorne on Valentine's day orignally posted on Her website

What is this love i feel
for my fabulous Mistress?
It is at once so powerful...
and yet mysterious.
What word would it be...
that the Greeks might say?
All i know is that i adore Her
every moment of the day.
Is the word for it philia?
She is my greatest friend...
but somehow as a description
that is not the end.
Eros seems good
for someone as sexy as Scarlett,
but while She is the image of desire
She's no cheap harlot (unlike me).
Ludus is the word
for love that plays.
But Mistress' games
end in painful flays.
Pragma reminds me
that this love is long living 
Although even after just five years
She's had to be very forgiving.
As a benevolent dictator
my love for Her is storge.
She forces me to whore
So male clients on me can gorge.
Perhaps though this love
Is really agape.
It is unconditional
and shapes my every day.
In truth though no word
can describe this love.
i am like the dog at Her feet
Looking adoringly at Her above.
my devotion is total
and while fools may scorn.
i want to work harder and suffer more
forever for Mistress Scarlett Thorne.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

The great spring clean in the Tranny Flat

Ever wondered what 106 wet panties and 42 bras looked like? Well here you go have a good look and feast your eyes on this lot...


This is just a small part of the amazing selection of clothes available in the Tranny Flat for would be gurls, sissies, trannies and sluts that Mistress Scarlett Thorne generally wants to humiliate for Her own amusement. It is all carefully packed away in the legendary Tranny Wardrobe of Doom (the TWOD) which has Narnia like qualities in terms of opportunities to get lost in a world of endless fantasy.

But the reason I am posting this picture of underwear drying in Mistress Scarlett’s dungeon is that it is that time of year again...THE SPRING CLEAN (so important that it has to be announced in capital letters, bold and underlined!).

For most people spring cleaning is something happens when spring arrives (traditionally 21st March), however, the Tranny Flat operates in a separate time zone - Scarlett Time. This means that spring only begins when Mistress Scarlett Thorne decides it does which could be before or after the normal world or the same time. Even more importantly spring cleaning in the Tranny Flat means that Mistress Scarlett wants it all completed by the time spring begins not started afterwards.

So every year of my five years of servitude to Mistress, immediately after Christmas, the spring clean begins. This means washing hundreds of items of clothes often by hand; extra hard scrubbing of all the floors, furniture etc with a brillo pad and cloth on my knees; washing all the dildos, rubber cocks, whips, paddles, canes and other torture items by hand; and so on until everything is spick and span and to Mistress Scarlett’s satisfaction...which means to a far higher standard than most of your pathetic brains could even contemplate. Perfection is not good enough for Mistress!

As you can tell it is a very exciting time of year for me and one where I have to push myself even harder than usual just to get a smile of approval. It is a time of year where I tend to get even more bruises and marks from being regularly kicked and beaten for failing to meet Mistress’ demands.

But here is the crux of the post….this year is going to be different!

This year lucky would-be trainee maids and sissies can apply to Mistress Scarlett for special intensive training on the spring clean program.

There are many perks to those who want to come to serve:

  1. You get to be fully dressed and made-up.
  2. You get to serve Britain’s Premiere Domme (aka Mistress Scarlett Thorne).
  3. You also get to be trained by London’s top TV Domme (and senior maid) Me.
  4. Mistress Scarlett enjoys getting Her slaves to test if underwear needs cleaning by making them sniff all the panties.
  5. You can expect to be abused, beaten and generally humiliated as you learn about your lowly station.
  6. When not needed you will be kept in a cage and may be forced to suck cock.

There is much more from a day of servitude and if you are considered good enough Mistress Scarlett and I may even provide you with a reference or (for the best) ask you back.

Obviously for the privilege of spending a day serving Mistress Scarlett Thorne you will be required to give Her tribute for Her precious time. This begins at £400.

There is no greater privilege and joy in life than serving Mistress Scarlett. She is also the best teacher and transformer of people you could hope to meet (I am proof of that).

For those interested in a day of maid training text Mistress Scarlett on 07910476639.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The descent of man...and rise of the girl (Chapter 2)

Remember every detail in this story is completely true with no exaggeration or embellishment...

I shall never forget the first time I was raped. In the strict legal sense I wasn't raped and this should not be interpreted as justification of actual rape because I was happy to be a "victim" as such. But the point was that the man who was intent on forcing himself on me had no intention of giving me any choice in the matter he just wanted to use me for his own sexual gratification and didn't care whether I was willing or not.

It was a brutal and incredibly painful brief episode which made me cry but what was more important was that it was deliberately engineered by Mistress Scarlett Thorne as a form of shock treatment to change me into the female whore She wanted me to become.

It worked. And like everything else Mistress has done for me it was an enormously positive experience and I am not only grateful to Her but also to the nameless man who invaded my body. Not only did it change my understanding of myself physically but it was a breaking point mentally where I stopped thinking of myself as a human being and began to understand myself as a piece of meat or object to be used and abused by others. In the later stages this self understanding helped me to turn the tables and become a Domantrix able to think of slaves as objects to use and abuse at My will.

You will read a lot about transformation, usually fantasies about how it is forced on some unwilling man through kidnap, blackmail or something of that ilk. These tales are just written to make men believe that there are people out there willing to pluck them off the street and force them to do things they wish they could do anyway in a way that makes them feel guilt free about it. As I found out the reality is far more exciting.

As I wrote in Chapter 1, transformation in the most dramatic fashion is certainly possible for those who are willing and brave enough to take the steps required, and lucky enough to find a Domme who will guide them into the world of perversion and feminisation.

The day I was molested was less than a year after I had first met Mistress Scarlett. In that time I had gone from a man paying for a BDSM service to beginning to realise my true identity as a woman and as a true submissive at the beck and call of Scarlett Thorne. I was already making time to go and do all the menial tasks and cleaning in Her flat and be ready to do chores She required when required. Most importantly, Mistress had also started to get me to help Her out in sessions with sexual services.

The changes in me were both mental and physical although, truth be told, I hadn't really noticed them even though they were quite profound. It all seemed to be a natural progression. I certainly didn't believe things could go any further and just hoped to carry on serving Mistress as long as I could. But Mistress Scarlett had far more ambitious plans...

Then one day I received a text from Mistress telling me that She wanted me to accompany Her to a tranny club in Kings Cross, London called Sweet Wednesdays. As always it was not a request, it was an order. Frankly though I thought it was a treat. Mistress had taken me to other clubs - Teds in West London and Trannyshack in Soho - and I know how busy She is and how Her time is so valuable which meant that message just made me feel incredibly excited and happy. what I did not realise was that this was part of my training and transformation. Sweet Wednesdays is no ordinary club.

I turned up and was met at the door by Mistress who had brought one of my dresses, underwear and other clothes with me. The dress was a little blue one with red flowers and, importantly was very short. It barely covered my bum. The club is hosted in a pub and gurls get changed upstairs and as I came down I was only too aware that people the men at the bar could - and were - looking right up my dress. I smiled to myself and wiggled my bottom as I teetered down the stairs on my high heels.

Then it was down into the basement to get a drink with Mistress and Her friend who had a bit of a tranny fetish. The friend (who was a very good looking man) smiled at me as I waddled in and handed me a vodka and lemonade.

"You'll need this," he said wryly.

The basement was dark and stank of sweat. Trannies and male admirers squeezed into the bar area but there were what seemed to be curtained off areas to the sides, while the walls had videos of T-girls being f***ed. As I leaned against the bar I could feel hands feeling me up.

Then Mistress wandered in with a big grin on Her face.

"Oh dani! There you are! What took you so long?"

She didn't wait for an answer.

"You're going to love this place," She cooed. "Get that drink down you quickly and then come with Me!"

Her eyes had a very naughty gleam. I knew the look well by now but it was usually only reserved for sessions and paying slaves. I gulped down my drink and followed Mistress into the curtained off area. I was immediately taken aback with amazement. The area was a sort of warren of rooms and cublicles, sofas and love swings. Everywhere you looked a tranny or T-girl was being fucked or giving a blow job or hand job or a combination of all three. There were moans, plenty of grunting, cries of ecstasy from the gurls, the floor was covered in cum and used condoms.

Mistress looked at me in the eyes intently and spoke firmly.

"OK dani, i want you to suck and fuck as much cock as you can," She said. "You are not allowed to say no to anybody. I want you to be a good slut. Do you understand?"

I nodded silently and She smiled again.

"Good gurl. Now I will be walking around watching the entertainment so I will be able to see what you do and I expect you to tell me all about it afterwards anyway."

"See you later dani," she added, laughing. "Don't let Me down, remember you need to satisfy lots of cock."

She left me standing there bemused wondering if any of the men would even want to touch me let alone use me for their pleasure with so many sexy trannies around. To be honest I was worried that nobody would have me and Mistress would be cross rather than worrying about my own physical wellbeing.

So it was an enormous relief when a man came up to me. He was in his fifties with silver hair and started to compliment me. Within a minute he had his cock out and I was sucking on it enthusiastically. Another man wandered up waving his member and I switched happily between the two with my mouth, always wanking the other with my hand. It didn't take long before both had cum streaming out one i my mouth and the other spraying into the air. At that point I noticed Mistress and Her friend had wandered by and were watching with approving looks.

I felt happy inside like I had succeeded. And I got up to head back to the bar to get refreshed with another drink. It was then that it happened.

I was just teetering past a cubicle when a huge man appeared from nowhere and grabbed me roughly. He pushed me into the cubicle, gripping me tightly about the waste and neck. It felt unreal. I wanted to struggle but could hear Mistress Scarlett's voice in my head: "You are not allowed to say no to anybody."

The man was much bigger than me and very strong. He bent me over double so my bottom stuck in the air and my hands were holding me on to a bench. I felt him remove his arm from my waste and could hear his zip being undone. His enormous tool popped and was brushing against my bottom as he yanked my panties aside.

By now he was gripping very tightly and I could feel him pushing at my tight little hole. Mistress had been stretching it up but it had never experienced anything bigger than a small dildo or butt plug, certainly nothing like the eight inch thick penis that was trying to invade me.

Suddenly, I remembered about STDs and began to panic. Somehow I got a condom from out of my handbag and passed it back. The beast paused. I think he must have made the calculation that any slut in that place may be a carrier so to my relief he tore the packet and put the condom on. Then he went to work on me.

My bum hole was not only tight, by quite dry because I hadn't brought any lube. It was fighting the man's cock all by itself resisting him entering. But this man was dead set on getting his end away and was obviously so horny that nothing was going to stop him. He just pushed me against the cubicle wall and rammed his big cock into me, milimetre by milimetre, then once in deeper and deeper. I had read about people feeling they were being split in two but never appreciated what this meant until that moment. The invading weapon inside me felt like it was tearing me apart. I was being skewered.

It seemed to take ages for him to get fully inside me by which time I was weeping. He didn't care and just began to thrust against me like some giant battering ram, grunting away as I screamed inside with pain. The lack of lube also made it feel like sand paper but I knew there was nothing I could do just let him use me and pray it would end soon. Eventually the grunting got louder and suddenly he stopped, pulling out and dropping my limp body to the floor before throwing the used condom full of cum beside me and walking out without a word let alone a thank you.

I lay there for a few moments gasping for air, trying to calm myself down and feeling that I had an enormous chasm in my bottom. I then pulled myself up and looked around. It was only at that point that I realised that the man rough treatment of me had made one of the temporary sides come down and my rape had been watched by a group of six men who were wanking themselves off over my ordeal.

I knew what to do. I took a deep breath, straightened my hair, sat on the bench and smiled like a good gurl. Several of the men came over and soon I had more cocks in my mouth and hands. It wasn't long before lines of cum were soaking into my pretty dress and running down my face.

It was a long evening and almost non-stop. I remember time being called at 9pm exactly and lights going on so brightly that they hurt my eyes. By then after three hours of fucking and sucking I was in a sort of daze on my knees i front of a big black man with his enormous cock pumping my throat, his hands gripped round my head moving me up and down his shaft. As somebody shouted time he gave me two more choking thrusts and came in my mouth before quickly heading to the exit door.

When I left with the taste of cum in my mouth, Mistress Scarlett came up to congratulate me. She gave me the biggest smile and patted me on the head.

"Good girl! Well done!" She said. "We'll make a good slut of you yet."

I didn't realise it then, but it was an important day in my life. I had transitioned from being a "client" to being a service provider. From that day on I understood that it was far more satisfying getting men to cum rather than cum myself. I hadn't earned a penny yet but I had crossed the Rubicon. Mistress Scarlett had taken me well down the path to become a whore.

But I wasn't there yet and Mistress had more surpirses in store. Read about them in the next chapter soon...

Monday, 1 February 2016

The descent of man...and rise of the girl (Chapter 1)

This is a blog that I first wrote for Mistress Scarlett Thorne's website to help people who want to be lifestyle slaves, trannies and whores understand that they can realise their dreams. I am now going to publish a longer version of my true story in chapters on my blog starting here

How many of you surf the internet and read the hundreds of amazing kinky stories of men being forcibly transformed into girls and made to whore or transformed into a stunning TV Dominatrix and wish it could be you?

I know that there are a lot of you out there who are trapped in your drab male lives desperate to release your inner woman and indulge in all sorts of perverted, filthy activities and live the dream of a naughty slut.

How do I know? It's because I was once one of you always dreaming of what it would be like but never believing that it could possibly happen.

What is it i wanted most? To be r*ped and used for others pleasure? To give my life up to a Superior Woman? To tastes cock in my mouth as a man releases his load into my throat? To be transformed from a mundane little man to a fabulous woman? To learn to have my own slaves even? All these things and much more. Like you I sat there playing with my stupid little cock dreaming but not believing it could ever be true.

Well I AM the living proof that your kinkiest dreams can come true and that everything is possible if you are willing to put in the effort and find the right Superior to mentor you into a life in the sex trade and BDSM slavery. The great news is that you don't have to give up your other life, you just need to be brave and embrace your inner slut.

So regular readers of my little musings will know that I found my opportunity thanks to being owned by the fabulous London Mistress Scarlett Thorne. As the UK's (and probably the world's) most remarkable Dominatrix She started young and had more than a decade of experience when She decided to train me up to serve Her and now She has turned me not just into Her servants, maid and whore but into an amazing TV Dominatrix with my own dedicated slaves.

You may wonder how this can happen and think this is just another one of those first person pieces which pretend to be reality but are just fantasy. Well honey, this is the truth, every word of it. I went from being a man in a suit to a whore and Domme in my own right in just a few years.
It didn't happen overnight, it just followed a natural progression as Mistress Scarlett Thorne remorsely reshaped me into a completely new person modeled on Her demands and needs. As a man I was very mediocre, you wouldn't have picked me out in a crowd but once Mistress Scarlett had worked Her magic on me I became a stunning woman.

It all began with me turning up as a client as a one off to try to get over my secret urges and desires. Of course it did not end there and Mistress Scarlett made sure I returned and then began to gently encourage me to buy female clothes and teach me how to girl up make up and all.

Early on I thought it was just a game. I couldn't believe my luck that Mistress had taken such a personal interest in a worthless slave like me when I knew She was obviously totally Superior and very busy. I often wondered why She did. Maybe it was because I was a newby and maybe because Her remarkable perceptive powers immediately saw a girl trying to escape from the shell of a man and girl who was ready to devote her life to a Mistress.

Whatever it was, Mistress Scarlett took me under Her wing and made me Hers to the extent that I began to reorganise my work days to serve Her or make excuses to rush round if She needed something done. But even then I didn't realise how serious things would get and how deep I would go.

Then after just a few months I got a text off Her asking me to come round to help Her with a client. I remember getting the text from Mistress asking if I was available. I wasn't really but I felt so surprised, excited and honoured She would think of me that I made an excuse and raced out of work. I just could not believe my luck that I would be able to help in such a way and actually be a slut, although obviously I wasn't earning any money just an extra freeby at Mistress's disposal.

When I arrived, Mistress Scarlett dressed me up and took me into the dungeon where a TV slave called Amanda was tied up legs spread. Obviously my task was to suck him or I should say her off, although only to the point where she was about to cum. It was my first experience of providing a sexual service in that context and I loved feeling and tasting the cock as it became hard and erect in my mouth. Amanda moaned a bit and started to gently pump my face. I really wanted her warm cum to shoot down my throat, but Mistress wanted to leave both me and the slave desperately wanting more.

As I went home on the tube that night I could smell the sweat of Amanda's groin still and taste the precum which escaped before Mistress pulled me away. I ached for more and wondered if Mistress would require my services again. I wondered what it would be like to be paid for such a service but thought immediately that nobody would pay for me.

"Don't be stupid!" I told myself. I had only just begun my transformation and I still thought of myself as a clunky man in women's clothes not yet the butterfly of a girl that could emerge from that ugly chrysalis.

Nevertheless, this happened a few more times as I rushed over to the dungeon to service various slaves for Mistress Scarlett. I thought that would be it but then She did something that changed things forever...

You can find out about it in chapter 2 which will be published soon...

Thursday, 31 December 2015

A slave's New Year resolutions

It's that time again where everyone gets drunk and makes rash promises for the New Year which sometimes they keep for as long as a week or two...usually involving a post Christmas diet and de-toxing from drinking too much alcohol.

Well for a slave to a fabulous Dominatrix like Mistress Scarlett Thorne this time of year should represent something much more important, a cherished moment in your relationship with the Superior Being in your miserable life where you can pledge something substantial to Her that will benefit Her life and in turn make you a better, more worthy slave (although REMEMBER you can NEVER be worthy of the huge privilege of serving a Mistress).

Having just completed my fifth year of servitude to Mistress Scarlett Thorne i have some experience on solemn promises to a Domme, most of which i have kept although some i have broken much to my great shame, regret and pain (from Mistress).

The first piece of advice is making a resolution to your Mistress and Owner is no light matter. It is a pledge that should never be broken until and if you are released from it by Mistress Herself. i am still in the process of suffering three days worth of punishment (to the second) years after i broke chastity. Other failures saw me banished from Scarlett Thorne's presence, i was extremely lucky to be forgiven. Failure is not an option, even if it is rare.

i would also suggest that you don't over promise, by which i mean promise too many things. A life of service gives you plenty of time to make many promises and for Mistress to force many more other indignities and suffering on to you. So at New Year make one big promise, focus on it and make sure you keep it.

In terms of what you promise it should involve things which are genuinely useful to Mistress or amuse Her. It could be to remove your hair, go on a diet, or improve your feminisation activities to make you better to be pimped out by Mistress. If you are a maid it could be simply to improve on how much time you give to Mistress and the effecitiveness of your cleaning.

my top tip though is something that materially improves your Owner's life. So you could decide to make sure you provide Her with a monthly tribute whether You session with Her or not. 

This is an excellent sign of devotion and one which always pleases a Mistress. It is something i do for Scarlett Thorne, along with my almost daily service as a maid and other things. i know i am very lucky to be allowed in Her presence so much which is worth far more than any money i could ever hope to give Her.

i would advise against chastity as a New Year's resolution. This is something Mistress decides to do to you not the other way round.

So what resolution will be my promise to Mistress Scarlett Thorne for 2016?

i am already in chastity, She has forced me on to a strict diet and to give up alcohol, and i have to constantly improve on my service as a maid etc (it is never good enough and never will be), i am always striving to earn more as an escort and i pay a monthly tribute to Mistress.

One change for 2016 is to do exercises which improve my feminine shape such as sit ups for a firm tummy, back exercises to be more flexible and squats to get a bigger bum. i also plan to get surgery to improve myself as a girl and so be of more use to Scarlett Thorne and more pleasing on Her eye.
This will be my resolution for 2016, but the main promise to Mistress will be the one i make every day in my daily mantra to Her:

"Serving Scarlett Thorne is a privilege not a right, i must WORK HARDER and SUFFER MORE to deserve it".