Monday, 1 February 2016

The descent of man...and rise of the girl (Chapter 1)

This is a blog that I first wrote for Mistress Scarlett Thorne's website to help people who want to be lifestyle slaves, trannies and whores understand that they can realise their dreams. I am now going to publish a longer version of my true story in chapters on my blog starting here

How many of you surf the internet and read the hundreds of amazing kinky stories of men being forcibly transformed into girls and made to whore or transformed into a stunning TV Dominatrix and wish it could be you?

I know that there are a lot of you out there who are trapped in your drab male lives desperate to release your inner woman and indulge in all sorts of perverted, filthy activities and live the dream of a naughty slut.

How do I know? It's because I was once one of you always dreaming of what it would be like but never believing that it could possibly happen.

What is it i wanted most? To be r*ped and used for others pleasure? To give my life up to a Superior Woman? To tastes cock in my mouth as a man releases his load into my throat? To be transformed from a mundane little man to a fabulous woman? To learn to have my own slaves even? All these things and much more. Like you I sat there playing with my stupid little cock dreaming but not believing it could ever be true.

Well I AM the living proof that your kinkiest dreams can come true and that everything is possible if you are willing to put in the effort and find the right Superior to mentor you into a life in the sex trade and BDSM slavery. The great news is that you don't have to give up your other life, you just need to be brave and embrace your inner slut.

So regular readers of my little musings will know that I found my opportunity thanks to being owned by the fabulous London Mistress Scarlett Thorne. As the UK's (and probably the world's) most remarkable Dominatrix She started young and had more than a decade of experience when She decided to train me up to serve Her and now She has turned me not just into Her servants, maid and whore but into an amazing TV Dominatrix with my own dedicated slaves.

You may wonder how this can happen and think this is just another one of those first person pieces which pretend to be reality but are just fantasy. Well honey, this is the truth, every word of it. I went from being a man in a suit to a whore and Domme in my own right in just a few years.
It didn't happen overnight, it just followed a natural progression as Mistress Scarlett Thorne remorsely reshaped me into a completely new person modeled on Her demands and needs. As a man I was very mediocre, you wouldn't have picked me out in a crowd but once Mistress Scarlett had worked Her magic on me I became a stunning woman.

It all began with me turning up as a client as a one off to try to get over my secret urges and desires. Of course it did not end there and Mistress Scarlett made sure I returned and then began to gently encourage me to buy female clothes and teach me how to girl up make up and all.

Early on I thought it was just a game. I couldn't believe my luck that Mistress had taken such a personal interest in a worthless slave like me when I knew She was obviously totally Superior and very busy. I often wondered why She did. Maybe it was because I was a newby and maybe because Her remarkable perceptive powers immediately saw a girl trying to escape from the shell of a man and girl who was ready to devote her life to a Mistress.

Whatever it was, Mistress Scarlett took me under Her wing and made me Hers to the extent that I began to reorganise my work days to serve Her or make excuses to rush round if She needed something done. But even then I didn't realise how serious things would get and how deep I would go.

Then after just a few months I got a text off Her asking me to come round to help Her with a client. I remember getting the text from Mistress asking if I was available. I wasn't really but I felt so surprised, excited and honoured She would think of me that I made an excuse and raced out of work. I just could not believe my luck that I would be able to help in such a way and actually be a slut, although obviously I wasn't earning any money just an extra freeby at Mistress's disposal.

When I arrived, Mistress Scarlett dressed me up and took me into the dungeon where a TV slave called Amanda was tied up legs spread. Obviously my task was to suck him or I should say her off, although only to the point where she was about to cum. It was my first experience of providing a sexual service in that context and I loved feeling and tasting the cock as it became hard and erect in my mouth. Amanda moaned a bit and started to gently pump my face. I really wanted her warm cum to shoot down my throat, but Mistress wanted to leave both me and the slave desperately wanting more.

As I went home on the tube that night I could smell the sweat of Amanda's groin still and taste the precum which escaped before Mistress pulled me away. I ached for more and wondered if Mistress would require my services again. I wondered what it would be like to be paid for such a service but thought immediately that nobody would pay for me.

"Don't be stupid!" I told myself. I had only just begun my transformation and I still thought of myself as a clunky man in women's clothes not yet the butterfly of a girl that could emerge from that ugly chrysalis.

Nevertheless, this happened a few more times as I rushed over to the dungeon to service various slaves for Mistress Scarlett. I thought that would be it but then She did something that changed things forever...

You can find out about it in chapter 2 which will be published soon...

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