Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The descent of man and rise of the girl (Chapter 3)

Previously...I told you how Mistress Scarlett Thorne had taken me under Her wing and started to reshape me from a rather mediocre male to a fabulous gurl. She had already got me to start helping Her in sessions and then taken me to a club in London where men were able to use me as they wished...but this was not the end, not even the end of the beginning.

The trip to Sweet Wednesday's in London had been a turning point in my life. Through the way my mouth and bum hole was used with abandon by men who were only interested in their own satisfaction had made me think completely differently about myself. Mistress had me in chastity already which had mean I was trying to forget about the desire to cum and now She had ensured that I understood my body asd a means for others to get their pleasure from me and not the other way round.
In business terms I was no longer a client but a service provider I just didn't believe that anybody would pay me for it. But I relished the idea of men forcing themselves into me and spent hours daydreaming of being gangbanged over and over again.
But was it just a fantasy? As I've said in the previous chapters all this is the truth it really happened and what happened next is no invention.
The final stage in my "re-education" came some weeks after the trip to Sweet Wednesday's when Mistress Scarlett ordered me to go to a party organised by Her amazing friends Mistress Vanessa and Mistress Gemma in another dungeon in central London.
From the moment I entered the dungeon and put on a tight red and black PVC dress it quickly became obvious that I was not one of the ordinary slaves paying to be entertained for the night.No instead I was part of the entertainment they were paying for.
It didn't take long for Mistress Scarlett to pull me into a room with several men and tell me to start sucking their cocks. It was an order that broached no discussion or debate. As I got on my knees and started taking cocks of all shapes and sizes in my mouth she made an announcement.
"Dani is here to suck cock," She said. "Whenever you want to use her then you just ask her and she WILL obey."
Sopon after Mistress Vanessa came and pulled me to my feet. It wasn't a rescue mission. she had a slave tied up who She wanted sucked off.
And so four hours of cock after cock after cock began. It was a blur. I remember standing in a circle of men and having to go round one by one.
There was a lovely slave called Jay with an enormous tool who took a real fancy to me and I ended up licking, sucking and blowing his shaft for ages. He was such a gentleman complimenting how I looked and my abilities as a cocksucker as I serviced him.
But it wasn't only my mouth which was to get used. The evening ended with my bum hole getting pummeled in a seven person gangbang which ended up with me at the bottom of a pyramid with Mistress Scarlett finishing me off with Her strap on.
At the end of the night I thought I would have to pay like all the other slaves for attending.
But Mistress Scarlett said: "Don't worry dear. You worked hard tonight, well done. You don't have to pay."
Then She sat me down and looked seriously at me.
"I want you to start earning money," She said. "Men really like you and you look really good now."
The decision had been made! She had made it and changed my life forever.
A few weeks later my Christmas present from Mistress Scarlett was my own website www.dani-t-girl.co.uk and She then ordered me to pay for some advertising online. My life as a working gurl had begun...

To be continued...

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