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The descent of man...and rise of the girl (Chapter 2)

Remember every detail in this story is completely true with no exaggeration or embellishment...

I shall never forget the first time I was raped. In the strict legal sense I wasn't raped and this should not be interpreted as justification of actual rape because I was happy to be a "victim" as such. But the point was that the man who was intent on forcing himself on me had no intention of giving me any choice in the matter he just wanted to use me for his own sexual gratification and didn't care whether I was willing or not.

It was a brutal and incredibly painful brief episode which made me cry but what was more important was that it was deliberately engineered by Mistress Scarlett Thorne as a form of shock treatment to change me into the female whore She wanted me to become.

It worked. And like everything else Mistress has done for me it was an enormously positive experience and I am not only grateful to Her but also to the nameless man who invaded my body. Not only did it change my understanding of myself physically but it was a breaking point mentally where I stopped thinking of myself as a human being and began to understand myself as a piece of meat or object to be used and abused by others. In the later stages this self understanding helped me to turn the tables and become a Domantrix able to think of slaves as objects to use and abuse at My will.

You will read a lot about transformation, usually fantasies about how it is forced on some unwilling man through kidnap, blackmail or something of that ilk. These tales are just written to make men believe that there are people out there willing to pluck them off the street and force them to do things they wish they could do anyway in a way that makes them feel guilt free about it. As I found out the reality is far more exciting.

As I wrote in Chapter 1, transformation in the most dramatic fashion is certainly possible for those who are willing and brave enough to take the steps required, and lucky enough to find a Domme who will guide them into the world of perversion and feminisation.

The day I was molested was less than a year after I had first met Mistress Scarlett. In that time I had gone from a man paying for a BDSM service to beginning to realise my true identity as a woman and as a true submissive at the beck and call of Scarlett Thorne. I was already making time to go and do all the menial tasks and cleaning in Her flat and be ready to do chores She required when required. Most importantly, Mistress had also started to get me to help Her out in sessions with sexual services.

The changes in me were both mental and physical although, truth be told, I hadn't really noticed them even though they were quite profound. It all seemed to be a natural progression. I certainly didn't believe things could go any further and just hoped to carry on serving Mistress as long as I could. But Mistress Scarlett had far more ambitious plans...

Then one day I received a text from Mistress telling me that She wanted me to accompany Her to a tranny club in Kings Cross, London called Sweet Wednesdays. As always it was not a request, it was an order. Frankly though I thought it was a treat. Mistress had taken me to other clubs - Teds in West London and Trannyshack in Soho - and I know how busy She is and how Her time is so valuable which meant that message just made me feel incredibly excited and happy. what I did not realise was that this was part of my training and transformation. Sweet Wednesdays is no ordinary club.

I turned up and was met at the door by Mistress who had brought one of my dresses, underwear and other clothes with me. The dress was a little blue one with red flowers and, importantly was very short. It barely covered my bum. The club is hosted in a pub and gurls get changed upstairs and as I came down I was only too aware that people the men at the bar could - and were - looking right up my dress. I smiled to myself and wiggled my bottom as I teetered down the stairs on my high heels.

Then it was down into the basement to get a drink with Mistress and Her friend who had a bit of a tranny fetish. The friend (who was a very good looking man) smiled at me as I waddled in and handed me a vodka and lemonade.

"You'll need this," he said wryly.

The basement was dark and stank of sweat. Trannies and male admirers squeezed into the bar area but there were what seemed to be curtained off areas to the sides, while the walls had videos of T-girls being f***ed. As I leaned against the bar I could feel hands feeling me up.

Then Mistress wandered in with a big grin on Her face.

"Oh dani! There you are! What took you so long?"

She didn't wait for an answer.

"You're going to love this place," She cooed. "Get that drink down you quickly and then come with Me!"

Her eyes had a very naughty gleam. I knew the look well by now but it was usually only reserved for sessions and paying slaves. I gulped down my drink and followed Mistress into the curtained off area. I was immediately taken aback with amazement. The area was a sort of warren of rooms and cublicles, sofas and love swings. Everywhere you looked a tranny or T-girl was being fucked or giving a blow job or hand job or a combination of all three. There were moans, plenty of grunting, cries of ecstasy from the gurls, the floor was covered in cum and used condoms.

Mistress looked at me in the eyes intently and spoke firmly.

"OK dani, i want you to suck and fuck as much cock as you can," She said. "You are not allowed to say no to anybody. I want you to be a good slut. Do you understand?"

I nodded silently and She smiled again.

"Good gurl. Now I will be walking around watching the entertainment so I will be able to see what you do and I expect you to tell me all about it afterwards anyway."

"See you later dani," she added, laughing. "Don't let Me down, remember you need to satisfy lots of cock."

She left me standing there bemused wondering if any of the men would even want to touch me let alone use me for their pleasure with so many sexy trannies around. To be honest I was worried that nobody would have me and Mistress would be cross rather than worrying about my own physical wellbeing.

So it was an enormous relief when a man came up to me. He was in his fifties with silver hair and started to compliment me. Within a minute he had his cock out and I was sucking on it enthusiastically. Another man wandered up waving his member and I switched happily between the two with my mouth, always wanking the other with my hand. It didn't take long before both had cum streaming out one i my mouth and the other spraying into the air. At that point I noticed Mistress and Her friend had wandered by and were watching with approving looks.

I felt happy inside like I had succeeded. And I got up to head back to the bar to get refreshed with another drink. It was then that it happened.

I was just teetering past a cubicle when a huge man appeared from nowhere and grabbed me roughly. He pushed me into the cubicle, gripping me tightly about the waste and neck. It felt unreal. I wanted to struggle but could hear Mistress Scarlett's voice in my head: "You are not allowed to say no to anybody."

The man was much bigger than me and very strong. He bent me over double so my bottom stuck in the air and my hands were holding me on to a bench. I felt him remove his arm from my waste and could hear his zip being undone. His enormous tool popped and was brushing against my bottom as he yanked my panties aside.

By now he was gripping very tightly and I could feel him pushing at my tight little hole. Mistress had been stretching it up but it had never experienced anything bigger than a small dildo or butt plug, certainly nothing like the eight inch thick penis that was trying to invade me.

Suddenly, I remembered about STDs and began to panic. Somehow I got a condom from out of my handbag and passed it back. The beast paused. I think he must have made the calculation that any slut in that place may be a carrier so to my relief he tore the packet and put the condom on. Then he went to work on me.

My bum hole was not only tight, by quite dry because I hadn't brought any lube. It was fighting the man's cock all by itself resisting him entering. But this man was dead set on getting his end away and was obviously so horny that nothing was going to stop him. He just pushed me against the cubicle wall and rammed his big cock into me, milimetre by milimetre, then once in deeper and deeper. I had read about people feeling they were being split in two but never appreciated what this meant until that moment. The invading weapon inside me felt like it was tearing me apart. I was being skewered.

It seemed to take ages for him to get fully inside me by which time I was weeping. He didn't care and just began to thrust against me like some giant battering ram, grunting away as I screamed inside with pain. The lack of lube also made it feel like sand paper but I knew there was nothing I could do just let him use me and pray it would end soon. Eventually the grunting got louder and suddenly he stopped, pulling out and dropping my limp body to the floor before throwing the used condom full of cum beside me and walking out without a word let alone a thank you.

I lay there for a few moments gasping for air, trying to calm myself down and feeling that I had an enormous chasm in my bottom. I then pulled myself up and looked around. It was only at that point that I realised that the man rough treatment of me had made one of the temporary sides come down and my rape had been watched by a group of six men who were wanking themselves off over my ordeal.

I knew what to do. I took a deep breath, straightened my hair, sat on the bench and smiled like a good gurl. Several of the men came over and soon I had more cocks in my mouth and hands. It wasn't long before lines of cum were soaking into my pretty dress and running down my face.

It was a long evening and almost non-stop. I remember time being called at 9pm exactly and lights going on so brightly that they hurt my eyes. By then after three hours of fucking and sucking I was in a sort of daze on my knees i front of a big black man with his enormous cock pumping my throat, his hands gripped round my head moving me up and down his shaft. As somebody shouted time he gave me two more choking thrusts and came in my mouth before quickly heading to the exit door.

When I left with the taste of cum in my mouth, Mistress Scarlett came up to congratulate me. She gave me the biggest smile and patted me on the head.

"Good girl! Well done!" She said. "We'll make a good slut of you yet."

I didn't realise it then, but it was an important day in my life. I had transitioned from being a "client" to being a service provider. From that day on I understood that it was far more satisfying getting men to cum rather than cum myself. I hadn't earned a penny yet but I had crossed the Rubicon. Mistress Scarlett had taken me well down the path to become a whore.

But I wasn't there yet and Mistress had more surpirses in store. Read about them in the next chapter soon...

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