Monday, 4 March 2013

A Chinese New Year Guide to the Tranny Flat

Happy New Year everybody! As many of you know Mistress Scarlett Thorne is a proud Welsh Domme and all Her slaves have sub-Welsh nationality as a result. This is why She has declared that 1st March, the national day of Wales, the most beautiful country on earth, is also the official start of the Scarlett Year in the Tranny Flat.
But Mistress Scarlett Thorne is also a close follower of Chinese Astrology and with the Chinese new year just a few weeks ago in the “normal” world, in Scarlett Time it coincides with the start of the Scarlett Year.
And oh dear, even in Scarlett Time it’s the year of the snake! Sounds treacherous and scary but fear not i’m here with my hissingly bitchy and totally unhelpful guide to Chinese Astrology!!!
To celebrate the Scarlett and Chinese New Years i thought i would give you all a fun guide to some of the P/people who populate the Tranny Flat based loosely and in a very light hearted way on the Chinese zodiac. i hope it will make you smile and give you some insight into how O/our roles in the @TrannyFlat could be seen to reflect our birth years.
For those of you serious about Chinese Astrology or who want to know more facts rather than my quirky take on it, please enjoy  Master Simon Wong’s book 2013 Year of the Snake – A Guide to Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology for the most authentic and best advice. Click here.
i will provide Twitter names for those who you who want to follow U/us all starting, of course, with the ‘Top Bitch’ Herself  Mistress Scarlett Thorne.

The Chinese astrological cycle traditionally starts with The Year of the Rat but here in the Tranny Flat, for reasons which will become obvious, the cycle begins with the Year of the Dog.
The Year of the Dog

Anyone who has been lucky enough to have ever met the astonishingly beautiful London Mistress Scarlett Thorne would never describe Her as “looking like a dog“.  i may get in trouble for calling Mistress a dog, but She embodies the classic traits of Year of the Dog people.
Mistress Scarlett Thorne is after all The Top Bitch. She is the ultimate ‘Leader of the Pack‘ . She is happiest when She has a pack of slaves and trannies to follow Her and do what She commands.
She is incredibly loyal and generous.  This is of course typical of Year of the Dog P/people.  To those who follow Her and the rules of Her pack She is kind, generous and thoughtful, often providing a group for ‘outcast dogs‘ to join.  However, should anyone cross Mistress they will find a fierce and terrifying force to be reckoned with. Those who challenge Her authority will certainly see Mistress bare Her teeth and possibly even feel the cruel bite that Mistress can deliver. She will savage anyone who gets in Her way but nurture those She enjoys the company of like the Regal She Wolf who nurtured Romulus and Remus that founded Rome.
Those who follow Her rules will be spiritually fed by working together, those who leave Her pack are condemned to a life of loneliness and despair, left to gnaw on rotten bones and scavenge at the scraps of a ruined life.
Dogs measure size in personality not physicality and Mistress has a personality that dwarfs all around Her. The power of Her natural charisma and tenderness that She shows to those who follow Her, inspires exceptional loyalty from the members of Her pack, who would do anything for Her.
Mistress is indeed the ultimate Year of The Dog Character and I of course wish Her a year full of success and happiness both this year and beyond.

@Maid_Felicity - The Lap Dog
As you already know Mistress Scarlett Thorne is a Year of the Dog, but as we all know there are many different types of dogs. Felicity is sweet and not at all savage and only wants to be part of the pack. She is very humble, far more than she should be because she is beautiful and so talented. But Felicity just wants to serve and do her Mistress’s bidding.
Not so much a bitch, Felicity is a lap dog who is eager to please.
Unfortunately, Felicity is more like one of those very willing spaniels that are always trying to be helpful but often manages to create a far bigger mess than she means to.
Felicity is like the chihuahuas of Beverly Hills and is often used as an attractive accessory to accompany Mistress on nights out as Felicity is so well attired. This has made Felicity the go to gurl for many Mistresses around the UK as a sissy maid, tranny sub and shopping companion to take out.
Like a lap dog though Felicity really wants a Mistress to own her full time and is searching still for the right one. Mistress Scarlett Thorne has many pet dogs but Felicity is based in another part of the country to Mistress. Mistress has said that She loves the company of this little tail wagger so much that if She had space she would keep Felicity full time.

Year of the Pig

Delilah - Pinky
This sweet tranny is a frequent visitor but one who doesn’t want to risk being on Twitter. Delilah is very Year of the Pig. She only wears pink and like a little pig is greedy for lots of frills. Delilah also challenges @PrincessTST and me in her amazing ability to trash the Tranny Flat in seconds of trying to get dressed. Honestly, the place looks like a sty after she’s decided what to wear.
While Delilah is obedient to Mistress Scarlett Thorne, she does also have some domme-ing tendencies and she can be a little swine to slaves who cross her path when called in to help administer some much deserved punishment.
There is no other way to put this, but another Year of the Pig tendency is the noise she makes when Mistress is spit roasting her with a strap-on. Delilah grunts more than the infamous tennis player Monica Seles!
But we all love Delilah when she can join U/us and she is cute and perky and always fun to be around.
Pigs have a reputation for greed but they are also very generous with their swill and Delilah is constantly getting Mistress Scarlett Thorne the most delightful presents. She’s a fabulous little frilly.

Year of the Rat

@Rick_HBT Squeaky
Every house in the country has a rat, but there’s no need to put down the poison here or call the catcher (She’s done Her job!).
Rats are the most cunning and adaptable of all the zodiac creatures and there is no doubt that Rick falls into this category.
The story of the rat is that it is the first of the symbols because it won the race across the river called by the Chinese Emperor.  Realising it was not the fastest or strongest it hitched a lift on top of the Ox and jumped off ahead as they reached the bank, ensuring it came first. i somehow have visions of @Rick_HBT balancing on @FSlutMST‘s head all trussed up by Mistress @Scarlett_Thorne as FS tries to cross a river of gold.
‘Cunning’ means ‘clever’ in the case of this little squeaker. ’HBT’ as he’s known around the Tranny Flat has endeared himself to Mistress through his loyalty, ability to survive any drenching (rats are very good at that) and also by thoughtfully designing equipment. He is often scurrying in with useful items that he’s collected from the sorts of grubby places that only truly grubby minded horny rodents may visit.  He has brought Mistress items such as black shrink wrap and strange rubbery things that She always seems very pleased with. Bright slaves know that gifts are the quickest way to win favour, especially thoughtful ones.
As the @TrannyFlat‘s heavy bondage slave he has lived up to his rat nature to fit into the tightest and smallest of spaces and Mistress Scarlett Thorne constricts him more and more, as The Top Bitch of course loves catching Her rat.
HBT is brilliant at designing equipment for Mistress Scarlett Thorne to have made to make life in the Tranny Flat even more debauched and interesting. Mistress of course adores this and has told me before that she fantasises about many of the apparently terrible items of torture that Her and her HBT talk about.

Year of the Ox

@FSlutMST - The Man Bull
There are two of us here in the fabulous @TrannyFlat who are from the Chinese Year of the Ox and we both take different characteristics from being part of this year group. ‘F*ckSlut‘ or FS, as he is known here has the physical characteristics as well as the strength and stamina of the Ox. His astonishing ability at taking a pounding from Mistress Scarlett Thorne‘s largest strap-ons is legendary, not just amongst those that frequent the @TrannyFlat but amongst slaves generally.
Mistress Scarlett Thorne considers rugby and anything to do with rugby players to be Her ‘perfect porn‘, so FS with his Ox like physique would be a lead character in one of Her XXX flicks if she ever decided to make the movies of Her mind become films on every pervert’s iPad.
FS is a hard ‘man bull‘ to break, but when he is broken he collapses into a massive heap of muscle and sinew totally helpless to Mistress Scarlett Thorne‘s whims.
Like all Oxen, FS is dedicated to serving his Mistress and will keep going for hours, perhaps even days, weeks or months if called upon to do so. Though Mistress is vegetarian, she could be considered to be partial to a bit of this type of beefcake…

i am also Year of the Ox, but it is hard to write about my qualities or rather fails, so to celebrate my blog being moved to Mistress Scarlett Thorne‘s website, a great honour for me, She has generously agreed after much pleading, to write my profile here:

@DaniTallulah - The Silly Cow
Steadfast. Loyal, well paced and takes her time to digest things. It is said that those born in the year of the Ox are the perfect companion for those lucky enough to be born in the year of The Dog, such as Myself, Mistress Scarlett Thorne.
Dani is evidently the ultimate silly cow, always begging to be milked, hoping to graze on the ripe young shoots spouting from slaves and of course always lying down if I say it is likely to ‘rain’…
However dani demonstrates far more than just the ‘silly cow’ characteristics that may plague a gurl born in the year of the Ox. 
Dani paces herself.  She is extraordinarily hard working and plods along despite the often enormous rocks in the ground she is ploughing. She has a mental strength that I have seen in few Mistresses let alone maids, sluts or gurls and dani of course, looks fabulous in animal print. 
As an Ox, dani has the ability to daydream (almost continuously) whilst also getting on with her work, though like the ‘Silly Cow’ breed of Ox, dani does have a tendency to go off course if she is allowed to daydream too much.  
Whilst I do not condone animal cruelty in any way, shape or form, dani is one little cow that needs a damn good beating sometimes to keep her plodding on.
Like many silly cows, dani can get startled and start running around breaking boundaries and fences as she flees. Of course, with Me biting at her heels and herding her in the right direction dani is one silly cow that isn’t allowed to leave the lush pastures of the Tranny Flat too often.
Dani does have the ability to ‘plough on regardless’ and unfortunately a negative way that this can come across in, is her tendency to go on and on and ON about a subject.  Currently that is her obsession with shopping trips but it used to be about wanting to ‘please please be a working gurl’… She is now aware that she should be careful what she wishes as sometimes gurls get sent to slaughter and turned into Dog Food for Top Bitches such as Myself…

Year of the Tiger

@MsEmilyAnarchy - The Pussy Cat
Emily is my spiritual sister, who i have known since we were silly little boys. It was funny that neither of us realised until many years later that we had both wanted all along to be even sillier little girls.
Anybody who follows or knows Emily in either of her lives will know she is a tiger. Graceful, beautiful, sleek and deadly. She has been my inspiration since i first tentatively put on a PVC dress and dreamed of men wanting to have me.
Emily is incredibly artistic and talented. She has designed many of the graphics for @TrannyFlat and Mistress Scarlett Thorne.
Most of all her personality is that of the tiger. At points majestic and regal and other times ferocious and ravenous, especially when she is hunting her prey.
She is naturally dominant and a lone hunter who is happy to help the pride but prefers to stalk her prey alone.
The famous line “he who rides the tiger has only the tiger to fear” could have been written about my sister Emily and i can safely say a ride with her is an experience you will not easily forget.
Like the other poem Emily also “burns bright in the darkness of the night” especially if she is one of her debauched moods. Overall like most tigers she is dazzling and a real playful pussy cat at heart.
The thing i have learnt most from my tranny sister is that you need to be fearless. When she has her girl hair on there is nowhere she won’t go and nothing she won’t try if she wants to.
Tigers are first and foremost beautiful creatures and rare treasures in this world, which pretty much sums up Emily.

Year of the Rabbit

@TrannyFlat - The Warren of Debauchery
Some may question whether the Chinese zodiac affects places as well people and animals. Well it certainly does and moreover those of U/us that inhabit the Tranny Flat know this parlour of debauchery has its own life force bestowed on it by the creative and Goddess-like powers of Mistress Scarlett Thorne.
It is difficult to trace the Tranny Flat’s official birth but as a known entity it was probably properly created in the Year of the Rabbit. Indeed Mistress Scarlett Thorne’s very first commercial dungeon was also created in the Year of the Rabbit, only some twelve years prior to the creation of the Tranny Fat.
The Tranny Flat is essentially the warren where trannies and slaves can live their dreams in safety and the warmth of Mistress Scarlett Thorne‘s control. The debauchery which takes place there sometimes reflects the famous phrase “at it like rabbits” especially when Mistress Scarlett Thorne has Her strap on attached or the trannies are seeing admirers.
To a certain extent the @TrannyFlat is hidden and ‘underground‘ in the sense that only those who are allowed in by Mistress Scarlett Thorne can enter. But for those who do enter it becomes their true home.

@Anitafan1  – Duracell Bunny
An occasional but very welcome tranny visitor to the Tranny Flat, Amanda, as she is called here, is definitely a child of the Year of the Rabbit as her appetite for Scarlett Thorne‘s strap-on and tranny gangbangs is insatiable. She is the Duracell bunny, as Mistress Scarlett Thorne has called her, and then some!
A special playgurl-bunny treasured for her astounding ability for having her holes filled, Amanda is one rabbit who loves a bit of adventure. Imagine Watership Down with latex. She will travel far and wide for her fun which is what inevitably brings her to the epicentre of filth that is the Tranny Flat.
Like Playboy’s bunny girls Amanda also loves having her picture taken, usually in the middle of a tranny gangbang or when she is at the mercy of Mistress Scarlett Thorne.
There is nothing like the sight of Amanda’s little bottom bobbing up and down to the rhythm of Mistress Scarlett Thorne‘s pounding. This is one rabbit who likes to get shot in the arse!

Captain Awesome  - The Buck
Captain Awesome, also not on Twitter, is the name given to Mistress Scarlett Thorne‘s personal trainer whose amazing physique always makes Her trannies go weak at the knees.
Typical of the Year of the Rabbit, Captain Awesome is a real ‘kick ass buck’ who you wouldn’t want to mess with but could take any bunny he wants. And apparently often does.
As a personal trainer he is not adverse to lots of jumps and leaps and he likes his clients to go on a rabbit run…
Most rabbits are cute and Captain Awesome is no exception but he is by no means fluffy. Instead he has all the sinew and physique of the buck who has his choice of compliant does.
He is incredibly agile and hard to pin down, but when you do there is nothing he likes more than burrowing deep into a hole!

Year of the Dragon

Minestrone - Fire in the Hole
Minestrone is another sub not on Twitter but is worthy of mention as one of Mistress Scarlett Thorne‘s most loyal slaves who has served Her longer than almost any other.
Year of the Dragon is very appropriate because he has amassed a great wealth of debauched experience with Mistress Scarlett Thorne and is extremely passionate with a real fire in his belly.
He loves to spread his wings and try new experiences taking on different challenges and battles but always flies back to the same den or in this case the Tranny Flat.
One of his favourite activities is being drenched in food, a treat Mistress Scarlett Thorne delivers in both the Tranny Flat and bars and restaurants across London.
He has been quite literally christened Minestrone for his filthy habits, which Mistress Scarlett truly enjoys. However, now we know he is Year of the Dragon maybe he should become the famous Chinese ultra spicy Hot and Sour soup…the only problem with that is he is really quite sweet.
Fortunately Minestrone has avoided the negative dragon characteristics of scaly skin, a bad temper and awful breath! Only joking – Year of the Dragon people are sharp, sexy and capable of being very to the point.

Year of the Snake

@PrincessTST - The Quick Thinker
Despite my earlier jibe about this year, Princess is incredibly loyal and mostly obedient, so she is not a snake in the classic Garden of Eden sense. However, she is very good at leading people astray, specifically into the realms of naughtiness…i speak from experience (s) – they included six-ways and strip clubs but that’s another blog post…
Princess is a typical Year of The Snake character in that she is very intelligent, incredibly analytical and explicitly sharp. She is one of Mistress Scarlett Thorne‘s chief sources of advice and counsel on the very rare occasions that Mistress feels She needs a second opinion.
One of Princess’s great snake like skills is the ability to notice the smallest details that need to be improved upon. Princess is one naughty little sissy that is incredibly focussed, and she can have a killer sissy instinct.
Second to Mistress Scarlett Thorne, Princess is the one person in the @TrannyFlat who you would least want to cross.  The venom of her anger may take time to take its effect but it can be quite lethal. But speaking from the perspective of a friend, I can honestly say there is no little viper that is better at protecting you in your hour of need than Mistress Scarlett Thorne‘s @PrincessTST!

@johnlovesmeddaThe Water Serpent
The gentleman of @TrannyFlat is the second Year of the Snake denizen.
John displays different snake characteristics to @PrincessTST but like her he shares a deep intelligence which underpins everything that he is.
John is incredibly wise and willing to bide his time with a keen patience which is unnerving for those who do not know him.
When he makes up his mind he acts instantly and decisively uncoiling and springing like a snake snatching its prey. His sense of humour is as sharp as a snake’s forked tongue, as can often be seen on twitter when he strikes with his rapier wit.
Snakes are food for dogs in the wild and he helps nourish Mistress Scarlett Thorne with his presence in the Tranny Flat. His witty jibes and exceptional ability to trash the place when serving Mistress have kept me out of trouble and in a job on more than one occasion.
Mistress is most fond of this sexy viper and She declared with veritable glee on discovering that @johnlovesmeddai was Year of the Snake that She “believed him to be a water serpent rather than a land snake”.  I suspect Mistress was insinuating that this snake likes to slither in a very particular type of river!

Year of the Horse

Traci - The Mare
What sort of sissy stable would the Tranny Flat be without a gurl from the Year of the Horse?
Traci is the perfect little mare for Mistress Scarlett Thorne‘s stable. Sexy, sleek, toned and a real little show pony. She likes a ‘bit in her mouth‘ as well as to have her mane ruffled and grabbed onto whilst being ridden!
In fact there was no surprise that Traci is a child of the Year of the Horse because there is nothing she likes more than being ridden hard – whether it is a Mistress Scarlett Thorne‘s strap-on or a man’s cock. Like a proper horse she can keep going for hours if needs be.
Typical of the mare that she is, Traci is much better when she is in a harness and being controlled by her rider. She may have a big appetite for the delights of the Tranny Flat, but she is properly domesticated and like most equine creatures very reliable and sensible.
As a Year of the Horse person, Traci has a really sweet placid side as well as the ability to ride with the herd or to be directed by her owner.
She is also very good at being trained and but if she is in a mood she can be a nightmare and can deliver one hell of a verbal clip.
However, she takes her punishment from Mistress Scarlett Thorne well and, of course, she is always beaten with a crop.

Year of the Sheep/ Ram/ Goat

@jaderope - The Tetherers
@jaderope is the name of an Antipodean couple who were regular social visitors and guests to the Tranny Flat before heading home Down Under. They will always be spiritually part of the Tranny Flat and are due to visit it again as dear friends of Mistress Scarlett Thorne later this year.
Their expertise with ropes and knots led to speculation that they were really Year of the Monkey people who like to ‘swing‘ around on ropes and get themselves into knots all day! After careful checks it turns out that they are both definitely Year of the Goat people which is also known as Year of the Sheep or Ram. Neither of these two are part of the herd and they are both very independently minded. This means that the Goat or Ram is a far better symbol for them.
Typical of a goat they will reach great heights in getting their fun and, as i mentioned earlier, they have a penchant for swinging and like a gruff little goats they are always quite horny!
Jade Rope’s amazing products make knots that are as stubborn and even more immovable than goats in a particularly obstinate mood! i  say that as one who has been tied up with many lengths of their ropes and i assure you they are the best on the market.
JadeRope could be perceived as Goatherds with their ability to tether people in a way that there is no escape, a skill much appreciated and admired by Mistress Scarlett Thorne.
Fortunately though for all us trannies who store our things in the Tranny Wardrobe of Doom, neither of JadeRope has the goat like tendency of eating clothes!
But like all goats in their down time, these two are adventurous and agile and will travel far for their fun. W/we look forward to their imminent return and wish them their best year yet!.

Year of the Monkey

Dotty - The Best Little Tranny Trooper
If Mistress Scarlett Thorne has a favourite plaything i get a sneaking feeling it may be Her lovely slave Dotty who is truly treasured by Mistress, causes vast amounts of mess for me to clear up after sessions and puts the rest of us to shame by bringing the most thoughtful gifts.
There was some surprise that Dotty is Year of the Monkey, but again with a little thought it makes sense.
True, Dotty likes to play (A LOT!), but one of the other characteristics of the monkey is their loyalty to to the troop (that’s what you call a group of monkeys). A monkey will have a lifelong partner. Dotty displays these traits a lot, especially in her total loyalty and devotion to Scarlett Thorne over many years, which has made her so appreciated by Mistress.
i always suspect that if Dotty had a more flexible job she would be the number one maid or Scarlett’s full time companion in the Tranny Flat, not me, because her complete obedience to Mistress Scarlett Thorne is difficult to match. At least then she could clean up her own mess! Or perhaps it’s Mistress that makes the mess…. (Oh! I hope Mistress doesn’t read that!) The dungeon after one of Dotty’s amazing sessions with Mistress makes your average monkey cage look positively pristine.
Dotty is always climbing around the jungle that is London to find a special gift for Mistress Scarlett Thorne and shows the tremendous imagination and mental agility to come up with something new and interesting each time.
Monkey troops adhere to a strict hierarchy and Dotty is no exception. There is no doubt that over the years she has probably been Mistress Scarlett Thorne‘s best little tranny trooper and Mistress was very happy to tell Me that ‘Dotty is year of the monkey dani and I’m looking forward to testing how much she likes bananas!’

Veggie Delivery Boy - Banana Man
This is a real person not on Twitter but is a regular in @TrannyFlat although he does have a habit of getting into trouble with Mistress.
At heart he is clearly a child of the Year of the Monkey. Veggie Delivery Boy loves nothing more than to play and play hard. He has the amazing agility and flexibility of a monkey and the barrel chest of a gorilla, although a good deal less hair. If he had been as hairy as a gorilla he would have discovered Mistress Scarlett Thorne‘s penchant for torturing slaves with waxing strips.
There is nothing he enjoyed more than sticking somebody’s banana in his mouth, usually one of Mistress’ lucky trannies. In return for their fun he was also very kind to Mistress Scarlett Thorne‘s trannies paying for them to be used by other men and buying them vodka and lemonade.

Year of the Rooster

@dicklet - The Little Pecker
Dicklet’s name name suggests she may not be that well suited to being the Year of the Cock, although i have her never seen her minus trousers!
However, ‘she’ is very much a Year of the Chicken! She is no coward, quite the reverse, but she is a tranny to the core. Dicklet wants nothing more than to display her feathers and puff out an ample chest.
She clucks around wanting everything to be just right. She is very loyal to the other birds in the chicken run.
Perhaps unlike real chickens, dicklet also loves a good roasting and stuffing which of course she always gets from Mistress Scarlett Thorne when she flies back to the Tranny Flat coup.
As my friend and one not short of advice and warnings i can say she is not adverse to a bit of henpecking either but of course she wants nothing more than to be henpecked by Mistress Scarlett Thorne.

@charliepap - The Spiritual Guide
Charlie or ‘Yi Quai’, to give him his proper spiritual name, regularly frequents the Tranny Flat not as a slave or sissy or a client but as a dear friend of Mistress Scarlett Thorne.
He has very different characteristics of the Rooster to @dicklet in that he is not as concerned with his plumage, but he is nevertheless typical of his zodiac year.
Yi Quai is the spiritual guide of the Tranny Flat and advisor to Mistress Scarlett Thorne and Her trannies on all matters to do with the soul, the spirit and the path to Nirvana. He is also very artistic in what he does for a living.
While he will roost for hours on end, when in action he will run hither and thither and his peck is extremely accurate and sharp. He is the dearest friend to Mistress Scarlett Thorne and proves that even though Her bite that can savage any creature, a wise rooster is in fact the best feathered friend for the Top Bitch of the Tranny Flat.

A quick reminder, for those of you who are interested in what this has in store for you i would recommend purchasing Master Simon Wong’s book 2013 Year of the Snake – A Guide to Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology for the most authentic and best advice. Click here. Simon Wong is @charliepap‘s spiritual Master.
If you have any questions or problems as a transsexual or a sub please email at or Tweet me on @DaniTallulah.