Thursday 20 October 2011

Hair today wish it was gone tomorrow (2)

Following on from the last blog i thought it might be helpful for the many trannies out there who cannot find a good excuse to get away with ridding themselves of all that unwanted body hair to provide some alternative options.

It's a position i'm in because of my vanilla (normal world) domestic arrangements, although i hope to change that at some point.

However, while it is frustrating to not be in an easy position to get rid of hair, an awful lot of fun can be had in finding sexy ways to cover it. The purist trannies out there might sneer and suggest that a gurl should just wax, but i've had my successes without going to such extreme lengths.

i managed to win a Miss Trannyshack competition (the club hosted on Wednesday nights by Miss DustyO at the fabulous Madame JoJo's in Brewer Street, Soho) with concealed hair, although it was a drunken night. Here's me (in the red corset and dress) on the fateful night on stage with my tranny sis @MsEmilyAnarchy (stage right), who frankly was robbed and should have won. Apologies for the pic quality was taken from a blackberry.

i also have managed to attract quite a lot of interest in clubs from gentlemen and a little business. So concealment can still be sexy and it can work.

OK, as i said in the last blog, i did come a little unstuck at the English Mansion Ball, but that was a very close inspecition delivered to all slaves with the intention of finding reasons to punish them.
Anyway here are some clothing tips to conceal that unwanted hair.

1. A high necked dress
*Just because it doesn't show cleavage doesn't mean a dress can't be sexy
*The sexy pink one below is one i bought and love wearing out

2. A net top (try the cob web ones)
*A good way of concealing the top of the body if you are in a corset or low cut top
*i won Pretty Miss Tranny Shack wearing one of these.
*Also hany for hiding arm pit hair with sleeveless tops

3. Long gloves
*Velvet, pvc, rubber, leather, lace (i have them all) whatever your kick, these always look good.
*Also hide bad nails and big hands.

4. Fishnet stockings or tights
*Given that they have holes these are surprisingly effective at hiding leg hair.

5. Leg length boots
*Can't beat sexy, high heeled boots and long ones which hug the leg look great as well as hiding what's underneath.

6. Long elegant dresses
*Doesn't have to be short and showing leg to look sexy.
*There are lots of lovely longdresses, ball gowns and the like out there which both look good and cover up hair very effectively.
*One acquaintance who has quite dark hair has a real kink for wedding dresses. Looks amazing in them.

7. Realistic fake boobs
*Here is the first product placement, although it is only because i like the product but it is worth looking at
*Basically they do very realistic fake boobs with a full chest section which can be strapped on and make it look as though your top is hair free.
*Also gives you great tits! My tranny sis @MsEmilyAnarchy has a pair and i intend to get a pair too.
*They start at £275.
*Only drawback is that you sweat a lot under the silicone, which means that if you have nipple clamps underneath they slip off.

8. A veil
*Only if you insist on keeping a beard, not a good idea!
*When i was in my transitional stage and still had a beard Mistress gave me a veil and threatened to put me in a Bhurka. The beard didn't last long.

9. High collars, ruffles, scarves, big necklaces
*Just been reminded of this by @PrincessTST .
*Good way of hiding hair on the neck and top of the chest
*Also distracts from any hair or blemishes etc, which is part of the trick

10. Subtle trim shaving
*While you may not be able to do the whole body or anything much taking a few centremetres off from your chest, arm or hands etc may not be very noticable but can make dressing so much easier.
*i've started doing this 

11. Make-up
*Foundation is the best way of hiding stubble, especially if it grows back quickly

So there are plenty of things which can be done to look good without going to get waxed. Remember that you may need to live comfortably in two lives so some careful clothes selections may be the answer to your needs.

If you want any help or advice with your tranny or sub life e-mail me on or tweet me on @DaniTallulah


Dawnstoy said...

thanks again hun. More wonderful advice and tips. Keep up the good work xx

maid felicity said...

Hi dani,

I love the Trannyshack pic. Just a quick tip for make up. Foundation is all important and I favour Estee Lauder Maximum cover. It gives you a nice smooth canvas for the rest of your make up. It's good for covering beard hair and I think it has been used for covering scars (not that I have those!)

maid felicity x